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‘Baby Slice’ Kevin Ferguson Jr: ‘Fighting Does Not Run in Your Blood’



Bellator 165 takes place this Saturday, November 19th at California’s SAP Center. The event will be headlined by a top-tier lightweight title fight between current champion Michael Chandler and former UFC champion Benson Henderson, supported by Michael Page taking on Fernando Gonzalez in the night’s co-main event.

One of the most anticipated bouts of the night will see the professional debut of Kevin Ferguson Jr, also known as ‘Baby Slice,’ son of the late Kimbo Slice. Hopefully, it will be third time lucky for the Team Bodyshop prospect, as his first two scheduled Bellator bouts fell apart, the second of which was scrapped after his opponent missed weight by a whopping 17 lbs.

“Maybe he was a little bit scared,” Ferguson says, “That’s the only thing I can really think of, missing weight by that much. That was rare; most fighters don’t really miss weight like that, especially if they’re serious about it. I don’t mind fighting anywhere but the fact that it’s Cali works out for me, it’s cool. I don’t think this next guy’s gonna miss weight, I think he’s gonna come to fight… hopefully.

“I don’t know much about him [Aaron Hamilton, Bellator 165 opponent],” he admits, “I had my coach watch the tape and he trains me according to the guy. I’m just gonna go in there and do what I was taught and what I’ve trained to do, but I don’t know anything about him honestly, I could care less.”

As well as Ferguson, Team Bodyshop also has the likes of A.J. McKee and Joey Davis working their way up the ranks at Bellator, who seem to be focusing more on younger talent than they have in the past.

“Everybody there pushes each other to go hard,” Ferguson says, “There’s no slacking in there, if you come in training with us you’re gonna know if you want to be a fighter or not, that’s for sure. Not everybody makes it at Team Bodyshop, some people leave and go to other gyms. The ones that are there, we evolve and we’re taking it to the next level.

“There are a lot of old fighters out there so it’s about time that the young guys come in,” adds Ferguson, “I think that’s what’s happening, Bellator are making smart decisions by getting fighters young. I think Bellator is making a great business move.”

It’s clear having such a famous fighter for a father has had its ups and downs for ‘Baby Slice,’ who saw an amateur KO victory earlier this year go viral and will likely be compared to his father throughout his career. He’s one of three second-generation fighters under the Bellator banner alongside Ryan Couture and teammate A.J. McKee.

“There are parts of it that are very negative,” he says, “A lot of people like to call me out and say certain things but I don’t really pay attention to that. The publicity is there, the fanbase is already there so all I have to do is train hard, dedicate my life to this and I can be successful. I feel like we’re similar [Ferguson jr. and his father] as far as power goes, but I feel like I’m faster, quicker, I have a ground game, I throw kicks. I’m just evolving and trying to take my game to the next level.

“Not everybody’s a fighter”, he added, “I have brothers who are not fighters so I guess you have to have a passion for it, you have to really love it because a lot goes into the training and the build-up. Becoming a professional athlete is not easy; it’s a lot of sacrifice and a lot of dedication. I don’t think MMA is in your blood, I think it’s something that you might see your father doing but you have to be like ‘Ok is this something I want to do, do I want to make the sacrifice, dedicate myself?’”

‘Baby Slice’ knows he could easily see fan interest pressure him into big fights, perhaps even title shots, at a far earlier stage of his career than most. The possibility of being built too quickly doesn’t seem to phase Ferguson at all, though.

“I think that’s good,” he says, “It works out for me because I don’t mind. As I said I’m taking this to the next level. I’ve been doing this my whole life so it’s not hard.”

You can catch Bellator 165 live on Spike TV on Saturday night, or Channel 5 for UK viewers.

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Michael Page Not Focusing on Opponent Ahead of Boxing Debut

Harry Davies



MMA Latest spoke to Bellator’s Michael ‘Venom’ Page, as he makes his boxing debut this Friday at the Hayemaker Ringstar Fight Night.

Page (12-0 MMA) is renowned for his entertaining fight style inside the cage, with most of his knockout and submission victories ending up in highlight reels online, that almost always go viral.

‘MVP’ was supposed to make his boxing debut on the undercard of David Haye vs Tony Bellew in March of this year, but due to ongoing negotiations with Bellator, his debut was delayed. Shortly after Page signed with Haye’s promotion “Hayemaker Ringstar.”

Q: So, Michael, we’re about five days out now from your big boxing debut, and still we have no name of an opponent? Can you break the big news, who will you be fighting next week?

I honestly couldn’t even tell you his name right now! I know I’ve got an opponent, but I haven’t even looked at him because it has changed so many times. I don’t like to pay too much attention to it, because it’s added stress. For me it’s just a case of turning up, and firing punches at whoever is across the ring.

Q: Is this fight 10 or 12 rounds? Given a standard boxing fight is a lot longer than your typical 15-minute MMA bout, has there been an emphasis on cardiovascular work in your training camp?

Depending on the opponent, I think it’s 6-rounds. The preparation has been different, I’m having to stress out my shoulders and core a lot. The kicking distance as well is very different, getting used to having people a bit closer. I’m getting used to the corners of the ring, I’ve done it before but not to this extent so I am familiar of it, but my body wasn’t really used to it.

Q: So, is this kind of like a one fight deal for Haye’s Ringstar promotion? Regardless of this fight’s outcome, will you return to MMA?

Not at all, I’m taking it seriously. Otherwise, I would have just had a super fight against a big name like McGregor did. This is why I can’t just jump into a 12 round fight, I need to adjust my body and get it prepared for boxing.

There’s no future plans yet, I’d like to have an MMA fight again before the end of this year, as I haven’t fought this whole year, but another opportunity for boxing may come up and I might get a chance to jump on that, so it depends.

Q: Were you frustrated that Bellator booked Paul Daley vs. Lorenz Larkin, and if you could send a message to Daley right now what would it be?

I have no interest in him anymore. It feels so pathetic and unnecessary now. I don’t think he deserved that fight with Larkin right after the shocking display he put on in Wembley against Rory MacDonald. But good on him he beat Larkin, however he calls me out immediately after then goes on to say he’s past that fight, it just doesn’t make sense.

Credit – michaelpagemvp – Instagram

Q: A statement we hear a lot is “MVP is the only guy outside the UFC that I want in the UFC” People criticise the talent in Bellator and say you’re fighting nobodies, what do you say back to them?

The amount of times you hear “you shouldn’t fight this person, you should have fought that person.” Everyone’s got an idea of what the correct steps someone should make are, but at the end of the day it’s their career. People are so fickle and easy to forget. If you are a fan of somebody, just be a fan of them regardless of win or loss.

Q: I’ve got to ask about how things are with Bellator, because from the outside looking in it’s quite unclear. How is it relationship at the moment?

Yeah I get on with most of the guys, it’s like a small family. I’ve still got a couple of fights left with them, they’re growing very well, the only problem is I feel like they’re focusing a bit too much on ex UFC fighters. For me it says you’re classing yourself as second best. Bellator generate some amazing superstars and young talent, they should continue to promote them.

You can watch ‘MVP’ make his boxing debut this Friday night, as the Hayemaker Ringstar Fight Night will air at 21:00PM on Dave.

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Exclusive: Andrey Koreshkov eyeing fight with Rory MacDonald



Former Bellator welterweight champion Andrey Koreshkov is coming off of an interesting past two years. In 2015 he beat current welterweight champion Douglas Lima, via a dominant unanimous decision, in order to win the welterweight title. He returned in 2016 and beat former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson via another dominant beatdown. It seemed like Koreshkov was going to be the champion for a very long time, making elite fighters look like they had no business being in the cage with him.

Koreshkov’s world came crashing down one night in Isreal. The Russian was beating Douglas Lima in a rematch, he was up 20-18 on the score-cards, and it seemed like he was going to walk away with another successful title defense. Koreshkov forced Lima’s back against the fence and started winging punches at him, Lima started to do the same as he looked to get off the fence, and then it happened, a huge left hook caught Koreshkov on the chin and it was lights-out. Lima was once again champion, and Koreshkov’s reign was cut short.

What was next for Koreshkov after losing the title? Perhaps a move to middleweight? Bellator’s middleweight division has fewer contenders than the welterweight division and could promise a quicker path to the title for the Russian. Koreshkov is a big welterweight, standing at 6’1, he certainly wouldn’t be small in the higher weight class. Speaking to MMA Latest, Koreshkov was quick to shut down the idea of moving up. “No, no, I work hard at welterweight and I’d like to stay there.”

Sticking with welterweight, Koreshkov knew it was going to be tough to get another title shot after his fight with Chidi Njokuani, but he seems to know the key to fighting for the title “It’s not about how many wins, but rather, the quality of my wins”, with that in mind, he promised the gameplan against Njokuani was to “stand and bang”. Koreshkov fulfilled his promise, against Njokuani he came out guns-blazing, giving Njokuani all he could handle on the feet before eventually taking him down and finishing him with some nasty ground and pound.

Koreshkov also got the chance to explain who he’d like to fight next, should he not get a title shot. “I don’t have any favorites, I know that there are a lot of tough fights at my weight class, but if I had to choose, I would say Rory MacDonald.” Unfortunately for Koreshkov, MacDonald is booked against his former opponent Douglas Lima, as the two are set to fight for the Bellator welterweight title in January.

A fight against MacDonald would promise fireworks as the two are known for their ruthless style. There’s a strong chance Koreshkov may get his chance against MacDonald next, as the former champion is certainly either next in line for the shot, or set to fight the loser.

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James Gallagher out of Bellator 187 in Dublin due to injury



Irish fans will have to wait a little longer to see James Gallagher fighting on home soil after Gallagher suffered a knee injury in preparation for his main event fight with Jeremiah Labiano in Dublin next month. This bad news was first reported by

The 20-year-old from Strabane co. Tyrone who trains in the famous SBG gym with Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson among others has set the featherweight division alight since joining Bellator in 2016.  James “The Strabanimal” Gallagher has gone 3-0 with all three of his wins coming by rear naked choke.

After submitting Chinzo Machida, the brother of former UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida in Madison Square Garden Gallagher has become a budding star for Bellator.

Due to the youngster’s attitude and potential, many comparisons between Gallagher and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor have been made by the fans and media which has made Gallagher one of Bellator’s most recognizable names. This notoriety has ultimately led to the young Irishman getting a chance to headline in Dublin this November but this injury has delayed his rise for the time being.

Gallagher on social media Thursday stated that he has suffered an injury to his PCL and LCL in his knee and would be out for the remainder of the year. He has assured fans we would return next year and carry on where he started with “The Jimmy show.”

His longtime rival AJ McKee, who has engaged in a Twitter war with Gallagher after his last fight, will now headline Bellator 187 in the 3 Arena in Dublin on November 10th against Gallagher’s SBG teammate Brian Moore. Moore will be making his third appearance for Bellator in this featherweight clash.



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