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Exclusive Interview with Myles Jury: A Furious Teacher



Myles “The Fury” Jury made his UFC debut in 2012 and has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned. With a record of 15-1 with 12 finishes, Jury is a fan favorite easily living up to his nickname every time he steps foot into the cage. I had the opportunity to speak with Myles ahead of his December 19th bout against Charles Oliveira on the UFC on FOX 17 card at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida.

Jury last fought in January of 2015 against current Lightweight contender Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. He was scheduled to fight former Lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis in July, but Pettis pulled out with an injury in May. Pettis was replaced by Edson Barboza, however, Jury suffered an injury of his own and was forced to withdraw from the fight. He has now dropped down to featherweight and will make his 145 debut against Charles Oliveira. When I asked him what the effects of the almost year-long layoff would be, he didn’t seem too concerned and actually seemed to view it as a positive.

“I think it’s something I’ll be able to roll with,” stated Jury. “…it’s been a good time to heal up my body and I’ve been staying around the game. Trying to improve my skills and get stuff in order in my personal life. I think it’s just going to be business as usual once that cage door closes.”

Myles is an accomplished black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlos “Caique” Elias. He is also considered to be one of the first wave of “hybrid” fighters, a fighter who is accomplished and proficient in multiple disciplines rather than being a specialist in any one specific martial art. This became very clear after his 1st round TKO victory over Takanori Gomi in September of last year and he seems to have only gotten better. His opponent, Charles Oliveira, is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trained under the tutelage of Ericson Cardoso and Jorge Patino “Macaco”. While both fighters are obviously very dangerous on the ground, Jury’s stand up proficiency would seem to give him the edge on the fight. When I brought that up and asked if he would want to keep the fight standing because of it, he laid out a very simple game plan.

“I’m comfortable wherever it ends up. The key to the fight is staying out of his crazy strengths and implementing my strengths and fighting my fight.”

He also went a little more in-depth as to what tends to happen once he steps into the octagon.

“I try and tap into my peak performance. In real life I’m Myles but in there it’s Fury. I’ve trained my whole life so I just let my body flow the way it does. It’s a lot of muscle memory and discipline.”

Currently ranked 9th in the lightweight rankings, this fight will be Jury’s Featherweight debut. Oliveira is currently ranked 7th in the featherweight division. Both Jury and Oliveira will be coming off of injuries, as well as coming off of a loss prior to this fight. I asked him if he felt that a win in this fight would put him right back in the conversation for a title shot, even though it’s his debut in the division.

“I feel like a win over a guy like Charles Oliveira definitely puts me right back into position to call for the title shot or number 1 contender shot.”

Myles has started a program called Jury Jiu-Jitsu. Despite the name, the program actually incorporates wrestling and striking as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He seemed to think it was only natural to train in and teach multiple facets of fighting.

“I feel like since I was a kid I’ve gotten lucky to train in all different disciplines. I’ve always been big on being well-rounded and having no holes in your game. Jiu-Jitsu is just one element of the program. We touch on everything that revolves around MMA”

He’s also been writing blogs on his website. These blogs have touched on all different aspects of what goes into being a martial artist. He’s written about fighting in foreign countries, in front of potentially hostile crowds, the expenses that go into being a fighter, nutritional supplements, and even discussing things like vaping and it’s health effects. I asked if teaching was always something he was interested in or if it was something that was sparked by experiences in his life.

“It’s a little bit of both, it’s a way of me giving back but it’s also just a platform. Having all that knowledge and experience if I just kept it to myself and didn’t give back I wouldn’t be the person I want to be. It’s important to me to give back. Obviously martial arts is my niche but being around the scene you learn a lot of stuff from a lot of people that can translate into business and personal life.”

His blog quickly gained traction and a following, so much so that he was approached by Fox about writing for them. He now writes for them, providing analysis and fights breakdowns, among other things. When I asked if he would be interested in a role similar to on-air talents like Kenny Florian, Brian Stann, Daniel Cormier, and Michael Bisping, he seemed interested but not necessarily in any kind of rush.

“I’d be open to that, I’d be open to doing whatever as an analyst or breakdowns of fights. But I feel like right now, having the opportunity to write and not having to be in front of the camera is really cool and hopefully people get something from it.”

Continuing the theme of educating and helping people, Myles’ website will soon be offering even more in the way of videos and things for fans and other fighters to utilize. He gave a little insight into what people can expect when those features finally launch.

“It won’t really be techniques. A lot of it is advice and principles and lessons from martial arts that expand into everyday life and personal fitness. I’m trying to give back. I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of people in my life teaching me different things. The ultimate goal is to help people.”

At only 27 years old, Myles Jury already appears well on his way to achieving that ultimate goal. When he’s not putting on a show inside the UFC octagon, he seems entirely focused on passing on his extensive and still expanding knowledge to others. He’ll look to convert that knowledge into a win over Charles Oliveira on December 19th in Orlando Florida.

Be sure to check out Jury’s website to read his blogs and see all of the other things he has to offer. You can also find a link to on that site which will take you to the Jury Jiu-Jitsu page if you’re interested in getting involved in that.

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Tom Gallicchio on UFC Release “It’s Been a Dream of Mine to Fight in KSW”

Harry Davies



MMA Latest spoke to TUF 22 and 25 season competitor Tom Gallicchio about being cut from the UFC, and potential promotions that he could sign for in the future.

Gallicchio (19-10) signed for the UFC after reaching the semi-finals of The Ultimate Fighter: Season 25. Losing to James Krause in his debut, “Da Tank” was informed earlier this month that the UFC had parted ways with him.

Q: Before we jump into the whole free agency stuff, talk me through how the UFC broke the news that they were going to release you?

I thought I was going to have another fight, this time at lightweight. I got a letter dated July 7th, saying they were going to keep me, I received it in September. I was getting emails to update my USADA, I never got a cut letter and I got tested by USADA on October 24th. I was hoping to fight sometime in January or February, then they broke the news to me that they need to make a room for new talent.

Q: You made your UFC debut against James Krause in July, then 4 months down the line, they cut you. How surprised were you at this somewhat out of the blue decision?

I’m thankful for my opportunity in the UFC and the fact that they gave me another shot, but it was definitely surprising how it happened.  They released a newsletter in September welcoming Jesse (Taylor) Dhiego (Lima) and myself into the UFC, all signs pointed towards another fight. Hearing that I was cut was just heartbreaking.

Q: Have any talks started with a new promotion. I saw you name a few on Twitter, the likes of  Bellator, BAMMA, KSW and ACB. Who do you see yourself signing for?

I would love to compete in any of those! A couple of them hit me up, one of which I am very happy to talk with. Since they came out, It’s been a dream of mine to fight in KSW. They’re taking care of their fighters, I would love to fight for them. I want to travel, I want to see the world, I want to fight. I’ve got a lot of fans overseas and I want to give them a show.

It’s been a dream of mine to fight in KSW.

Q: Your long time friend Jesse Taylor was victorious in the TUF 25 Finale, but he has since accepted a 1-year ban for failing a USADA test. What is your take on this given how close you two are?

I know Jesse is not a juicer, I’ve known him ever since I came down to (Team) Quest. It’s probably come from some supplement that he’s taking, it sucks for him. I think he went into a little bit of panic mode, he could have done a better job of handling it.

I don’t take supplements, if there was a way, I’d still keep myself in the USADA pool just because I believe in a clean sport. I think it’s important we keep the sport clean and if we’re cleaning up the supplement companies then good, because no one else is.

Where would you look to see Tom fight next? Let us know below!


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Rany Saadeh pleased with the opportunities ACB brings, promises a finish in his debut on Saturday



The BAMMA Flyweight belt was ruled for years by none other than Rany Saadeh, During his reign as champion he successfully defended the belt on two occasions. His dominance over the division saw him go undefeated in BAMMA and without a loss since 2012. Following the expiration of his contract, Rany vacated his BAMMA belt to explore new challenges.

He has now signed with ACB and is set to make his debut in only a matter of days at ACB 74 in Austria where he will take on Darren Mima. In a recent catch up with Rany, he explained his reasoning behind joining ACB and his goals in the promotion.

“ACB is the fastest growing organization in MMA. They’ve promised me an active career with events all over the world and a tempting bonus structure. It was just what I was looking for. I’ve looked into the competition and I can honestly say that the competition at flyweight is just as good, if not even better than in the UFC. Being the ACB title holder would make me a legit world champion.”

Ahead of his bout with Mima, we are set to see some new stuff from Saadeh as he claims to have changed up his style after a solid camp for this fight, guaranteeing us a surprise.

“I didn’t need to change anything for him but my style changed in general since my last fight. I’ve had an excellent camp with high-level training partners and coaches. I’m very grateful for my coaches who have put hours of private work into me this year. Especially with my new boxing coach Luciano Robledo, I can guarantee a surprise.”

The confidence is evident as he tells me how he sees the fight going. Promising his well-rounded arsenal of both strikes and grappling are worthy of bonuses, something he’d be very keen on considering the set-up in ACB.

“I will not just completely dominate but also finish.” He began, “I can imagine this fight being a wild brawl and dropping my opponent. Also on the ground, I have some slick submissions that are bonus-worthy.”

Having been successful in BAMMA, Rany is striving for more glory as plans on taking home the ACB title becoming the first Western European to do so.

“Of course!” he says with determination in his voice, “I’m coming into ACB as a world champion and the #1 ranked flyweight in Western Europe. After winning this fight, the title fight is right there”

It’s now been over a year since we’ve seen, “Prince” enter the cage. A decision voluntarily made by the German as he adjusted his game.

“It was mid last year when I had started to adjust my game. These changes take time and as the wished competition wasn’t there, I decided to take some time off fighting to prepare for a bigger challenge.”

Now having departed ways with BAMMA, the British promotion now has a new champion in Daniel Barez. Unfortunately for Rany, his reasons for leaving was the lack of competition has beaten everyone put in front of him with money being an issue that stepped in the way too. Despite any negativity derived from his departure, he does not rule out a return to the promotion where he was once Flyweight king.

“The competition in Europe just got very thin. With five fights in BAMMA, I somehow wasn’t very impressed with the opportunities left. Neither I got the fights, nor the purse that I needed to take my career further. After two title defenses, it felt like I was standing still which isn’t just BAMMA’s fault. Altogether, they are a great promotion and I wouldn’t exclude a return.”

When the UFC announced they would have the best flyweights from around the world enter the TUF house with a shot at the belt going to the winner. Many would have thought Rany Saadeh would have been up there. The season had champions from all over the world but no one from BAMMA, something strange considering the number of champions they signed in the past year from the promotion.

In an unfortunate circumstance for Saadeh, it was not his fault he wasn’t in the house as the UFC did come knocking but BAMMA just weren’t letting their champ go. Despite this situation, there is no bad blood anymore as Saadeh has moved on with things now.

“The UFC was definitely interested in putting me on the show and it is not true that BAMMA wasn’t asked. They were asked but didn’t want to be part of it. Without their permission, I wasn’t able to take part in the TUF. But I’m not mad at that anymore, I feel like it will make better opportunities possible.”

Having missed out on a possible UFC opportunity before, it isn’t on his mind anymore as he remains pleased with his life and is mainly looking to support his family in the future.

“I really don’t care, I’m set for the next few fights. All I want now is a decent living from fighting and provide for my family in the near future. ACB is not just giving me the chance to reach that goal but also giving me the challenges that I need. So far, I’m a very happy person”

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Anthony “PrettyBoy” Taylor wants to knockout Trey Branch then fight Brian Moore in Bellator on St. Patricks Day



Going from postlim fights in Bellator to a co-main event and then a main card fight after with such little professional experience isn’t something you’d hear of very often in the slightest. In this case Anthony “PrettyBoy” Taylor is the exception, who in only his third professional fight went to Ireland as part of the co-main event for a fight with James Gallagher. Taylor became well known to many in the build-up to that fight for being so outspoken and quite an entertainer, something he carries with him to the cage.

Anthony Taylor now has himself a fight lined up in a regional show near his home in California at California Fighting Championships. This will be his first time fighting back in America since May 2016. His last two bouts were in Europe as part of Bellator’s expansion into Europe. Following two losses he now hopes to get back in the win column in front of a home crowd. Taking this fight as a tune off fight Anthony is confident he won’t be touched by his opponent Trey Branch.

“Well, I’m taking this fight because Bellator said I’ll be fighting next year for overseas and it will be a good tune off fight for me. I think of trey like any other fighter. Just a guy who’s not going to touch me nor beat me.”

His opponent Trey Branch is jumping up from flyweight for this fight, Anthony believes he’s going to dominate his opponent and knock him out with ease. Now having 3 career losses coming via submission, he is not worried about his ground game, guaranteeing it was improved from training with some of the top fighters in Bellator.

“I believe I’m going to overpower him and KO him. He’s coming up from 125lb to fight me which I stated to the world on Bellator that I’m the strongest 45er in the world!! And as far as my ground game, it’d be covered and it’s great. Thanks to AJ McKee, Baby Slice, Joey Davis and Aaron Pico. My ground game is great and up there to the level, as there’s”

Looking ahead to next year when he competes in Bellator again, Taylor has his eyes set on a big fight in a return to Irish soil.

“Well Bellator loves me and I proved them that I belong there. I haven’t been told when I was fighting but I hope it’s back in Ireland, and maybe on St. Patricks day and hopefully I’ll fight Brian Moore because me and him been wanting to fight the longest.”

As a training partner for AJ McKee, Taylor was very pleased with how the fight went down, claiming it was a simple enough fight for his teammate that apparently didn’t train much for the fight. Suffering a loss on the initial trip to the emerald isle, “PrettyBoy” wants to come back and take home a win next time around.

“Oh man it was an easy fight for AJ, he only trained 2 weeks for that Brian Moore fight” he laughs “but absolutely it would be a great show if I was also on the show me and James alone still holds the record of views internationally and I’m looking to come back and taking what’s mines which is that W”

The win against Brian Moore could now potentially line up a fight between McKee and James Gallagher, fight fans have long sought after. Having fought against James and training with McKee on the regular Taylor isn’t convinced that Gallagher is ready for the AJ just yet. He also had some words about SBG fighters who were calling out Baby Slice.

“James is not ready for AJ. And people calling out slice since he’s new in the game. Why are sbg guys not calling out Joey Davis?? They are all talk and think that they’re better than everyone.”

With a win on Saturday, Anthony Taylor thinks it will kick him off to a series of consecutive wins that could ultimately land him in a fight with Emmanuel Sanchez.

“Yes it will start off (Saturday) and I believe it will set me up tremendously. I’m only getting better and I plan on winning fights in Bellator and then taking out Emanuel Sanchez. I do not like him, I hate him”

“I don’t like his style and he’s always hating on my teammates so I want his head” he added

Away from the fight scene, Anthony is pleased with the life that he’s got set up for himself with his newfound love since joining Bellator as he now aims to break into the movie industry too.

“Man it’s been great I now have a wonderful woman in my life so I’m happy. I’m acting too, trying to get into the movies industry and God has blessed me which so much love”

You can follow Anthony Taylor on all his social media accounts to keep an eye out for all his upcoming fight information and results.

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