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*Live Results* – Invicta FC 13

Matthew Wells



Live from The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada, Invicta FC 13 kicks off International Fight Week! Three of the seven fights on this card will be championship fights. MMA Latest News is sitting cage-side for the event keeping you updated with live results throughout the night!

The first fight starts at 8:00pm PST.

Marina Shafir vs. Amber Leibrock – Featherweight – 145lbs.

Round 1: Both fighters waste very little time after the opening bell. Leibrock attacked quickly with short jabs and one-two combinations. Shafir tried to answer with a few punches of her own. Leibrock rocked Shafir with a solid straight punch that sent Shafir to the ground. Leibrock quickly ran in to throw additional punches while Shafir attempted to grab a hold of Leibrock’s leg. Leibrock sensed the finish was close and continued to rain down unanswered right hands. Steve Mazzagatti saw enough and called a stop to the fight. Quick and impressive pro debut victory for Amber Leibrock to kick off the night.

Offical Result: Amber Leibrock def. Marina Shafir via TKO – 0:37 Round 1


Amy Montenegro vs. Jamie Moyle – Strawweight – 115lbs.

Round 1: The two fighters quickly meet in the middle of the cage and exchange quick punches and leg kicks. Montenegro initiates the clinch against the cage and work short knees and dirty boxing. The two separate briefly and Moyle lands a clean combination. The two clinch again against the cage and fight for better positions. Moyle manages to land a takedown and ends up on Montenegro’s back, attempting a rear-naked choke. Amy was able to escape two attempts at the rear naked and transitioned to the top, where Jamie attempted an armbar that looked pretty tight, until Montenegro was able to slam her opponent to the canvas, releasing the hold. The round closes out on the feet, in the clinch as the horn sounds.

MMA Latest scores the round 10-9 Moyle

Round 2: The fighters come out working their striking, leg kicks and quick punch combinations. Moyle lands a right hook that knocked Montenegro’s head back, but stays strong. Moyle continues to get the better of the striking exchanges landing leg kicks and cleaner quick punches. Montenegro’s corner begins to yell at her to work the body, and she acknowledges by mixing in strikes to the body. Amy initiates a thai clinch and lands a clean right punch, disengages, and is met with a front kick to the body from Moyle. The two clinch again against the cage and begin working for better position while landing short strikes. Moyle attempts a single-leg takedown and completed as Montenegro failed to grab an under-hook. Amy gets the fight back to the feet quickly and lands a clean short elbow against the cage before the horn sounds. A solid strike, but not enough to win that round.

MMA Latest scores the round 10-9 Moyle

Round 3: To start the final round, Moyle lands a solid left roundhouse to the body of Montenegro who responds shortly after by clinching Jamie and pressuring her against the cage. A few short strikes are exchanged while working for position, and the two are broken up by Kim Winslow who saw enough of the clinch. After a few striking exchanges, the two are clinched against the cage again, with Montenegro pressuring Moyle against the cage while landing a few short elbows and knees to the body. The two separate and begin throwing punches and hard leg kicks that excite the crowd. The round closes out with hard volume strikes from both fighters as the final round comes to a close.

MMA Latest scores the round 10-9 Montenegro

MMA Latest score: 29-28 Moyle

Official Result: Jamie Moyle def. Amy Montenegro via Split Decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)


Amber Brown vs. Catherine Costigan – Atomweight – 105lbs. 

Round 1: No touch of the gloves and the two come out swinging. Brown initiates a clinch and gets a trip takedown, quickly transitioning to full mount. Brown secures the position by hooking her right foot inside of Costigan’s left leg, then decides to posture up and rain down a few elbows that caused the ref to creep in and watch closely. Costigan was able to grab a hold of Brown before a stoppage, but quickly found herself eating more elbows from Brown. Costigan rolled over to her back and worked a few strikes before sinking in a rear-naked choke. Brown flattened Costigan out and tighened up the choke to secure the tap. Very dominating win for Amber Brown.

Official Result: Amber Brown def. Catherine Costigan via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 3:44 – Round 1


Pannie Kianzad vs. Jessy Rose Clark – Bantamweight – 135lbs.

Round 1: A brief feeling out process to open the round before the two being exchanging quick punching combinations. Rose Clark initiates a clinch, pushing Kianzad against the cage. It was an uneventful clinch and Mazzagatti broke the two up. The fight resumes with Kianzad landing a couple of hard strikes that gets the crowd active. The two clinch again against the cage and jockey for position, with Rose Clark attempting trip takedowns unsuccessfully. Mazzagatti breaks the two up again and the action resumes in the center of the cage. Rose Clark lands a few clean punches while Kianzad responds with a few clean combinations of her own. Kianzad gets a nice trip takedown before the end of the round.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Kianzad

Round 2: The two come out exchanging combinations, with Kianzad getting the better by landing a clean left hook and a knee to the body. After a few in and out exchanges, Kianzad gets another trip takedown, and transitions to side control. Rose Clark gets it back to half guard and defends well on her back as Kianzad struggles to get off any strikes. Kianzad finds her way into an inverted triangle attempt that fails as Rose Clark scrambles and also fails on a quick rear-naked attempt of her own. The transitions continue on the ground and Rose Clark attempts an armbar. After an escape and quick scramble, Kianzad ends up in a reverse full mount, throwing punches towards Rose Clark’s face from behind her back.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Kianzad

Round 3: The final round opens as the others with the two exchanging quick striking combinations, of which Kianzad lands the cleaner strikes. Rose Clark is able to work her leg kicks, one of which Kianzad checked that hurt herself as she favored her left leg briefly afterwards. It doesn’t appear to affect her much as she continued to land clean punches, including a hard superman punch. The technical striking advantage is in favor of Kianzad. The two continue to exchange in and out combinations, with Rose Clark landing a nice knee to the body before the end of the round. Rose Clark was very game, but didn’t do enough to win a round, much less a decision.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Kianzad

MMA Latest score: 30-27

Official Result: Pannie Kianzad def. Jessy Rose Clark via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Herica Tiburcio vs. Ayaka Hamasaki – Atomweight – 105lbs. *Atomweight Championship Fight*

Round 1: Hamasaki comes out quickly with quick punch combinations as Tiburcio backs away looking to feel out and find her range. Tiburcio lands a couple of clean strikes while both fighters move around the cage, looking for openings. Tiburcio is trying to find a home for her right hook while Hamasaki keeps her distance and works a couple of combinations of her own. Tiburcio sees an opening and rocks Hamasaki with a hard straight left punch that buckles her opponent, and quickly jumps on a guillotine attempt. Tiburcio rolls her over and continues to sink in the choke. While it was pretty deep, Hamasaki was able to escape, but not completely out of danger as she is in full mount. The round ends with Tiburcio on top.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Tiburcio

Round 2: A short exchange on the feet, and Hamasaki takes down Tiburcio, working for strikes from half-guard. Good defense from Tiburcio keeps Hamasaki from transitioning and landing anything significant. Herica is able to get back to full guard and earn and standup from Kim Winslow. After resuming on the feet, Tiburcio attempts a takedown that is reversed from Hamasaki who ends up on top in half guard again. With nothing coming from the takedown, Kim Winslow stands the fighters up for a second time in the round. Tiburcio locks up with Hamaskai and pulls a guillotine attempt right before the horn sounds, while not immediately letting go as she should have.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Hamasaki

Round 3: The two quickly meet and engage in a clinch. Hamasaki is able to get a slick trip takedown on Tiburcio and begins to work strikes from guard. Tiburcio is very active off her back returning strikes and working her guard game. Tiburcio pushes Hamasaki off of her, and the fight returns to the feet. The fighter move to the opposite side of the cage, where they clinch, and Hamasaki earns herself another trip takedown. Tiburcio is very active again and is able to transition to the back of Hamasaki, locks in a body triangle, and begins looking for a rear-naked choke. The round comes to a close with Hamasaki defending the choke.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Tiburcio

Round 4: A quick clinch to open the championship rounds and Hamasaki gets another trip takedown. She finds herself in half guard, looking to transition, while Tiburcio continues her solid ground defense. Hamasaki is able to posture up from half guard and land a couple of strikes, but Tiburcio is able to move back to full guard and lock up Hamasaki’s arms to earn another break in the action from Kim Winslow. After resuming, a few punches are thrown, and Hamasaki gets another big takedown. The takedowns have been very effective for Hamasaki, although she hasn’t been able to do much once the fight gets to the ground. Tiburcio continues to work her guard, attempting to transition and look for submissions. The round ends with Hamasaki on top.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Hamasaki

Round 5: The final round begins, and a quick clinch with another Hamasaki takedown, as Tiburcio attempts a guillotine on the way down. Tiburcio lets it go and Hamasaki attempts a couple of submissions that are defended well from Tiburcio. The two scramble to the feet where they exchange leg kicks and quick punches. Tiburcio attempts a right leg kick that is caught by Hamasaki and leads to another takedown landing in half guard. A couple of strikes from Hamasaki as Tiburcio transitions move back to full guard. The final horn sounds and the fight concludes on the ground with Hamasaki on top.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Hamasaki

MMA Latest score: 48-47 Hamasaki

Official Result: Ayaka Hamasaki def. Herica Tiburcio via Split Decision (48-47,47-48,49-46)

Tonya Evinger vs. Irene Aldana – Bantamweight – 135lbs. *Bantamweight Championship Fight*

Round 1: The two touch gloves and begin to size each other up. Evinger throws a hard overhand right that finds its mark as Aldana falls to the canvas with Aldana grabbing a hold of her opponent’s leg. Evinger quickly grabs a hold of Aldana’s ankle and attempts an ankle lock. Aldana defends well and ends up scambling to back side control for a brief moment to land a couple of strikes. Evinger scrambles out of the position and transitions to find herself in full mount on Aldana. After searching for a few strikes, Evinger steps over and attempts an armbar that looks very, very deep. Aldana somehow manages to find her way out of the hold, causing a loud outburst of cheers from the Aldana fans. Evinger continues to work her ground game attempting a kimura, which Aldana was able to escape. Very exciting first round to this fight.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Evinger

Round 2: The two come out at a slower pace looking to strike. Evinger shoots in for a takedown and is able to complete, landing in Aldana’s guard. Evinger works a few strikes to the body as Aldana looks to control the wrists while Evinger postures up to avoid a triangle attempt. Aldana is able to pull Evinger back down and locks up her right arm, causing a pause in the action, with the referee threatening to stand the two fighters up. Evinger is able to work her arm free and begins to land a few short punches. The round comes to a close with Evinger on top of Aldana pressed against the cage.

MMA Latest news scores the round 10-9 Evinger

Round 3: The round opens with both fighters looking to find openings with quick strikes. A spinning back fist attempt misses badly from Aldana. Evinger rushes in for a takedown attempt that is defended very well from Aldana. After the two break, Aldana attempts another spinning back fist that doesn’t find the mark. Evinger again initiates the clinch, looking for takedowns. This time she’s able to get her opponent on the ground, landing in guard. Evinger transitions to full mount and begins throwing short punches, but nothing too effective. Aldana kicks off the cage to attempt a transition, yet Evinger is able to stay on top. The round comes to a close with Evinger in full mount, landing short punches while having wrist control on Aldana’s right arm.

MMA Latest News scores the round 10-9 Evinger

Round 4: The damage on Aldana’s face is clearly showing. The two exchange shots on the feet, with Evinger landing a hard right hand. Aldana begins throwing a few leg kicks which find the mark. Evinger shoots in for a single leg that was defended initially by Aldana, but Evinger quickly let go and transitioned to take Aldana’s back. From there, Evinger pulled Aldana back and began to look for a choke. Aldana was able to scramble out of the position, yet Evinger ends up in full mount again. Evinger postures up and begins throwing strikes. The ref begins to creep a little closer as a lot of them land cleanly without an answer from Aldana. Hearing the warning, Aldana began to return a few strikes and attempt to grab a hold of Evinger. The attempts failed as Evinger was able to continue to throw unanswered strikes and the ref called a stop to the fight.

Official Result: Tonya Evinger def. Irene Aldana via TKO – 4:38 – Round 4

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino vs. Faith Van Duin – Featherweight – 145lbs. *Featherweight Championship Fight*

Round 1: The two meet in the center of the cage, and Cyborg lands a hard right to the chin of Van Duin. After a brief clinch, Cyborg pushes off and keeps looking for strikes. Another hard right hand finds the mark. Van Duin backs up against the cage, and Cyborg continues to throw hard punches that find their home. Van Duin pulls guard, but Cyborg is able to stand up and land a few shots before the ref quickly runs in to stop the fight. Another quick and dominating win for Cyborg.

Official Result: Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino def. Faith Van Duin via TKO – 0:45 – Round 1


Stay tuned to @MMALatestNws for live reactions to the event!

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*Live Updates* UFC Gdsank Official Results

Harry Davies



The UFC hosted their second event in the country of Poland, as UFC Gdsank took place at the Ergo Arena. The card was headlined by a welterweight fight between Donald Cerrone and Darren Till.

Cerrone (32-9) was coming off a close unanimous decision loss to former 170-pound champion Robbie Lawler in July. It was the only time in “Cowboy’s” MMA career that he had suffered consecutive losses.

Till (15-0-1) improved his undefeated record in September, defeating Bojan Veličković by unanimous decision. It was a case of old school vs. new school in this headliner, as the up and comer Till hoped to secure the biggest win of his career over Cerrone.

MAIN CARD – UFC Fight Pass – 8PM BST

  • Donald Cerrone (32-9) vs. Darren Till (15-0-1) – Welterweight bout
    • Result: Darren Till def. Donald Cerrone via TKO (punches) Round 1 – 4:20
  • Karolina Kowalkiewicz (11-2) vs. Jodie Esquibel (6-3) – Women’s strawweight bout
    • Result: Karolina Kowalkiewicz def. Jodie Esquibel via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Jan Blachowicz (20-7) vs. Devin Clark (8-2) – Light heavyweight bout
    • Result: Jan Błachowicz def. Devin Clark via SUB (rear-naked choke) Round 2 – 3:02
  • Oskar Piechota (10-0) vs. Jonathan Wilson (7-3) – Middleweight bout
    • ResultOskar Piechota def. Jonathan Wilson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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*Watch* Bellator 185 Weigh in: Live Stream, Results



Watch the live weigh-ins for Bellator 185 here.

Gegard Mousasi takes on Alexander Slemenko live this Friday night October 20th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville CT. This is the first appearance for Mousasi in the Bellator cage as he looks to secure a title shot with a win over the very tough former Bellator champion Slemenko. Joining these men of the main card will be a pair of welterweights as Neiman Gracie from the famous Gracie BJJ family takes on Zak Bucia in the co-main event.

Full Weigh-in Results: (Updated in real time)

Main Card:

Gegard Mousasi (185) vs. Alexander Shlemenko (186)
Neiman Gracie (170.5) vs. Zak Bucia (170)
Heather Hardy (126) vs. Kristina Williams (126)
Ryan Quinn (155.5) vs. Marcus Surin (155)
Ana Julaton (125.5) vs. Lisa Blaine (122)

Preliminary Card:

Jordan Young (200) vs. Alec Hooben (194)
Costello van Steenis (185) vs. Steve Skrzat (186)
Vinicius de Jesus (170) vs. Joaquin Buckley (171)
John Beneduce (154.5) vs. Dean Hancock (155)
Timothy Wheeler (144) vs. Pete Rogers (144)
Don Shainis (150) vs. Matthew Denning (149)
Frank Sforza (149) vs. Vovka Clay (150)
Kevin Carrier (156) vs. Jose Antonio Perez (153)
John Lopez (126) vs. Billy Giovanella (125)

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Bellator 185- How to Watch, Times and Fight Card



Bellator is once again heading to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville Connecticut, and this time they are bringing with them one of the most anticipated former UFC fighter turned Bellator stars’ debut. Gegard Mousasi will be making his first appearance in the Bellator cage against a former Bellator champion in Alexander Shlemenko. Although this event has lost some of its star power over the last several weeks, it is still stacked and you can bet that the main event will bring some fireworks.

Earlier in the month, it was announced that King Mo had suffered an injury that had forced him out of his co-main event fight with former middleweight champion Liam McGeary. Bellator worked quickly to secure a replacement opponent for McGeary in Bubba McDaniels. Unfortunately for McDaniels and the fans alike, McGeary had later suffered an injury of his own and the fight was removed from the card.

This left a spot open in the co-main event slot, which would be filled by a welterweight matchup between Brennan Ward and David Rickels. Just four days out from the fight, Bellator announced that Ward had also become injured and the fight has been removed from the card as well. The main card has been shuffled around and the welterweight bout between Neiman Gracie and Zak Bucia will now serve as the co-main event.

Main Card- Spike TV (US/Canada) Spike UK (UK)- 9 pm EDT, 6 pm PDT, 2 pm UK

  • Middleweight Main Event: Gegard Mousasi (42-6-2) vs. Alexander Shlemenko (56-9, 1 NC)
  • Welterweight Feature Bout: Neiman Gracie (6-0) vs. Zak Bucia (18-8)
  • Women’s Flyweight Feature Bout: Heather Hardy (1-0) vs. Kristina Williams (Debut)
  • Lightweight Feature Bout: Ryan Quinn (13-7) vs. Marcus Surin (4-0)
  • Women’s Flyweight Feature Bout: Ana Julaton (2-2) vs. Lisa Blaine (1-0)

Preliminary Card- Live Stream (MMA Latest New)- 7 pm EDT, 4 pm PDT, 12 pm UK

  • 195 lb. Catchweight Preliminary Bout: Jordan Young (6-0) vs. Alec Hooben (5-3)
  • Middleweight Preliminary Bout: Costello van Steenis (8-1) vs. Steve Skrzat (8-9)
  • Welterweight Preliminary Bout: Vinicius de Jesus (5-1) vs. Joaquin Buckley (7-1)
  • Lightweight Preliminary Bout: John Beneduce (2-1) vs. Dean Hancock (2-1)
  • Featherweight Preliminary Bout: Timothy Wheeler (1-4) vs. Pete Rogers (2-4)
  • 150 lb. Catchweight Preliminary Bout: Don Shainis (3-1) vs. Matthew Denning (5-6)
  • 150 lb. Catchweight Preliminary Bout: Frank Sforza (6-0) vs. Vovka Clay (3-2)
  • Lightweight Preliminary Bout: Kevin Carrier (Pro Debut) vs. Jose Antonio Perez (Pro Debut)
  • Flyweight Preliminary Bout: John Lopez (6-4) vs. Billy Giovanella (9-5)
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