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AJ Camacho



Saturday January 24th, 2015 @ Shriner’s Ariat Temple

Card breakdown courtesy of KCMMA
Written by AJ Camacho and Dave Jackson

We pulled up to the parking lot of the Ariat Temple. At the entrance of the lot was a Shriner in fez hat with a spot light. He was leaning cantankerously out of the window of what looked like an unmarked police car. He waived his arms in weird directions. His gesture was like a downward chop but outward from his forehead and towards us. I think he was making a bizarre cryptic masonic gesture towards us. At that moment I had no idea if I was cursed or blessed… awesome. I can’t get enough of this damn place.

Mike England was the referee for night’s evening of impressive young Pros as the card became a showcase for many promising Pro and Ammy debuts. The card re-cap and fight footage for the main card are below. Follow the link to the bottom to KCMMA for a recap of the entire card.

BFC Welterweight Championship
MAIN EVENT: “Super Duper” Bobby Cooper (11-4) defeats Rome “Nyquil” Lindsay (3-3) by REAR NAKED CHOKE

Cooper tried to maintain a ranged striking game but Rome was tenacious in his attempt to close the distance, trying to hunt for a takedown from the clinch along the cage. Once they got back up, roles reversed as Rome threw a hard high kick backing Cooper to the fence. Cooper retaliated with a takedown, Lindsay sensed it and jumped guard with Cooper on top –

– Okay, all hell breaks loose watching the fight… the crowd was animated and pumped about this main event, but right in the middle of trying to type this, I had to break up an “about to be fight” between two of my friends. Two big players in the Kansas City MMA Scene, two people that can probably kick my ass. NOT COOL. They were arguing about whether you could coach from a non designated coaching seat. Obviously, this was a huge fight for both of these fighter’s carreer. The stakes were huge. Bobby Cooper even tweeted to me this morning asking why I never tweeted an update at the end of his fight. Well, I was busy trying to stop another fight, sorry for not getting out the results sooner, Bobby!! –

– Cooper passed Lindsay’s guard and began pounding Lindsay from side control. Lindsay would turn in and climb up to his knees but he exposed his back long enough for Cooper to gain control and sink in the rear naked choke for the win.

Strawweight Bout – Demario Cade (0-1) defeats Tyler Stokes (2-1) by GUILLOTINE CHOKE
After a missed round kick, Stokes got smashed by a crazy overhand power punch from Cade. Even concussed Stokes was a dangerous fighter and he scrambled for a takedown on Cade. Cade was able to push Stokes into the air with his leg, ducking out to get back up to his feet but Stokes immediately re-engaged the clinch for an ad-hoc head and arm throw. Cade would escape the throw, squeezing out of the back of the clinch, immediately hucking his fist at Stokes’ face for another bomb. Rocked, another survival shot by Stokes but Cade sprawled, controlling Stokes’ head and arm. Tenacious again, Stokes rolled and took top position to reverse the position but Cade still had Stokes’ neck and it was in place for a guillotine attempt. Stokes tried to cradle and pass Cade before he could establish guard but would instead inadvertently put himself on the wrong side of the guillotine and lose the fight to the choke.

Lightweight Bout – Gaston “Tonga” Reyno (2-1) defeats Jason Russell (0-1)by TKO
It was a dominant showing by Tonga. Although he looked like he was in a little bit of trouble with a “heel hook surprise” from Russell, he weathered the spaghetti-like leg entanglement and was able to get back up. From the fence, Tonga grabbed Russell’s leg for the takedown immediately following with an overhand heater through Russell’s guard. From here Tonga would float and ride Russell’s defensive knee shield guard delivering damage and forcing Russell to turtle up. The ref rushes in to stop the carnage, TKO Victory to Gaston Reyno 1:52 into first round.

Welterweight Bout – Trey Ogden (Pro debut) defeats Herbert Morgan (Pro debut) by GUILLOTINE CHOKE
From the start Morgan whiffed a leg kick leaving his back open, Ogden cracking him on the thigh with his own leg kick. Morgan grinned but you could tell it wasn’t appreciated as he bull rushed Ogden with his head down. Hand out, Ogden stiff armed Morgan’s face around the cage and threw a sharp knee to Morgan’s ribs. Morgan immediately tumbled to the floor grimacing and clinching his side and Ogden pounced taking top control of a turtled up Morgan. Ogden threw over 20 shots to Morgan’s huddled body and then paused… Morgan stuck his head up and got caught like a rat trap in Ogden’s guillotine.

Wow, Trey just made a statement. Knee to the ribs, kick to the leg, body shots, something is broken in those ribs. Trey Ogden with guillotine choke after he rocked his opponent, 47 seconds into the first round.

Bantamweight Bout – James London defeats Lonnie Tull by TKO
Both came out feeling each other out and probing for range. Though cautious Tull’s hands were low and London landed a nasty head kick. Tull dazed, London jumped on him while Tull turtled up, but Tull took a strike to the back of the head. Timeout is called. Kind of an iffy call since Tull was rolling turtle as the strike was delivered. It didn’t matter though, as the fight started back up London would land the same head kick but this time showed a carefully ruthless discretion in not hitting the back of the head and in finishing this fight like a gentlemen. TKO 1st round victory to start off London’s professional career.

Welterweight Bout – Nicholas Radtka (Pro debut) defeats Charles Brown (0-3) by TRIANGLE CHOKE
Radtka kept the pressure on Brown, continually backing him to the fence. With the takedown earned, Radtka put Brown to the floor. Radtka threw a few kicks to the downed Brown until he came up for a double leg and took down Radtka. However, Brown’s right arm was low after the takedown and Radtka slapped on the triangle to exploit the opening. After some tightening and fastening of the submission the ref called it, Brown is out. Nicholas Radtka wins by triangle choke.

For even more fights we have a full re-cap on We had some tough amateur bouts and a heavyweight women’s bout. It was a well rounded event full of top tier fighters and local ammys looking to sharpen their skills.


All footage and images courtesy of Blackout Fighting Championship.

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UFC Announces Liverpool Event, Darren Till Main Event



Scousers are drowning in celebration this evening. Earlier today, UFC officials announced the addition of a Liverpool show to their 2018 event calendar. Liverpool’s, Echo Arena, plays host for the event, which takes place on May 27th.

GDANSK, POLAND – OCTOBER 21: (R-L) Darren Till of England punches Donald Cerrone in their welterweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event inside Ergo Arena on October 21, 2017 in Gdansk, Poland. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Liverpool’s own, Darren Till made the announcement this afternoon with Dan Hardy at the UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs. Volkov, ceremonial weigh-in. When asked by Hardy what it means to have the UFC in Liverpool, he had this to day, “Words can’t describe it. It doesn’t do it justice, words. So, it’s coming and I’m going to be the first Scousers to ever have done it. In 200 years they’re going to remember my name in combat sports in Liverpool. I’m gonna take someones chin off in Liverpool, that’s what’s happening”.

He was also quoted in an release from the promotion saying, “I can’t believe UFC is finally coming to Liverpool and I’m going to be headlining Echo Arena. My name is going to be remembered in 200 years time for being part of this historical event and I can’t even describe how much that means to me”. Till will headline the card, his opponent is yet to be announced.

In the official release, it quotes David Shaw, Senior Vice President International and Content, claiming, “The stars really aligned for the Octagon to touch down in Liverpool. We have seen such phenomenal demand from fans in the region for a live event. Pair that with having such a rising, local star in Darren Till it made absolute sense to bring our first live event to this historical combat sports city in 2018”.

UFC Liverpool lands on a date speculated for a different venue, in a different country. Reports swirled last month, specifically one from, which claimed the May 27th date belonged to the UFCs return to Dublin. A return to Dublin doesn’t seem to fall completely out of the realm of possibility. For now, it remains to be seen.

The UFC also announced two bouts, both in the Middleweight division, booked for the event. Elias Therodorou takes on Trevor Smith, and Daniel Kelly goes up against England’s Tom Breese.

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Rhode Island Prospect John Douma Booked for CES 49 against Zach Burhans



The New England regional MMA scene has been fairly quiet this month. Such a description won’t be apt one month from now. As the days fade away from the month of March, the two most prominent organizations of this region gear up for early April events. The CES MMA promotion holds CES 49, on the first Friday of April (April 6th). CES 49 takes place in its hub venue, Twin River Casino, in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Twin River Casino, Lincoln, Rhode Island. Photo courtesy of

Yesterday, CES officials announced John Douma, a highly regarded pro featherweight prospect, makes his third appearance for the MMA promotion, when he faces Zach Burhans at CES 49.

For John Douma, he looks to continue his career with an undefeated record. At 2-0, Douma owns two stoppage victories, both coming in the first round (1 KO/TKO, 1 Sub). Born and raised in Wyckoff, Rhode Island, Douma is the New England regions 18th ranked pro Featherweight (Rankings by A lofty ranking for a 21-year-old with only two professional fights on his record. Especially so in the regions most prominent professional division.

Zach Burhans comes into next months match with a similar amount of experience. Burhans has four professional fights in his arsenal of experience with a record of 3-1. Twice that of his opponent, but two times a small number is still a small number. The New York fighter makes his promotional debut at next months CES 49.

Surprisingly, Burhans has not fought since his last loss, which came in March of 2011. The loss was the first of his four fight pro career. It also was the first fight for Burhans since August of 2009. At CES 49, he ends his second hiatus from professional mixed martial arts. His second and most recent break from the sport was his longest. Burhans did not compete from March 2011, until next months CES MMA card. Making the span between his most recent and upcoming, around 6 years and nine months.

CES 49 takes place at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island on April 6th. Other bouts featured on the card include, #1 ranked New England Lightweight, Nate Andrews takes on Chris Padilla for the promotions vacant Lightweight title. Kaline Medeiros attempts to bounce back following her 3rd round submission loss to rising star, Mackenzie Dern at Invicta 26, when she faces 11th ranked pound-for-pound New England women’s fighter, Jenna Serio. Also, Chris Curtis goes up against Jason Norwood in a main card Welterweight clash. 

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Report: Bellator plans Rome event for July



With the news of Bellator 200, turning a bit stale being nearly a week old, comes more international event news for the promotion. According to a report by Raphael Marinho of Combate, Bellator scheduled its third international event of 2018. In the report, it states the promotion booked July 14th as a date for a Rome, Italy event. 

It will be the first event held by Bellator in the historic city of Rome, Italy. The first in Rome, but the fifth Bellator event in Italy. Previously, the promotion made stops in Torino and Florence, Italy, holding two events in each location. It also marks the 23rd international held by Bellator. 23 events across 10 cities, and 5 countries.

The previous four Italian events held a mixture of combat sports. Each of the events had a Kickboxing card, serving as the main event and an MMA card, which acted as a main card. News of an accompanying Kickboxing card, most likely, would come following a formal announcement of the event.

Also included in the report, the promotion is working to make Alessio Sakara the headliner of evening. Sakara spent nine years with the UFC (Oct. 2005 – Oct. 2013). Over that span, he earned a record of 6-8. He was cut following four consecutive loses. Before signing with Bellator, Sakara signed with Final Fight Championship, where he went 1-0, 1 NC. His final fight with FFC (Final Fight Championship) was a 1:32 KO of his opponent.

The Italian athlete, Sakara, fought on three of the four previous Italy held Bellator events. Sakara headlined Bellator 190 & 168, while begin the co-main event for Bellator 152. Interestingly, the Middleweights only Bellator competition took place in his home country of Italy. He is 2-1 with the promotion, defeating Brian Rogers and Joey Beltran, respectively, while losing to Middleweight champion, Rafael Carvalho, most recently.

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