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Mic Momentum: Who rocked the mic after their wins in New Zealand?

Matthew Wells



UFC Fight Night 110 was a slow burn through the prelims that quickly exploded into fireworks throughout the main card.

Who took full advantage of their time on the mic?

Check out who backed up their fight momentum with mic momentum:

Mark Hunt

  • “It’s a pretty good feeling, you know? I know Derrick Lewis is from the hood, but this is my hood.”
  • “It was a matter of time, Derrick’s a tough guy. I respect him because he doesn’t use steroids. I think we all need to band together to get rid of steroids in our sport and imagine an even playing field. I want to thank each and every one of you guys for the support.”
  • “Anybody above me is good. I stepped down for Derrick because he was number six, but anyone above me, I’ll take. I’ve got a few more fights left, so you know, for me, if it ended here tonight, then so be it. I’ve had a good run, I had a lot of fun, traveled the world, but it looks like it’s still continuing!”

Mark Hunt defended his home turf with a solid, calculated performance over an equally powerful opponent in Derrick Lewis. Fans held their breath with every strike Lewis threw while erupting with every strike Hunt landed. Shortly after ending the bout in the fourth round, Hunt took to the mic to lay claim to his territory. In a completely unsurprising move, Hunt found a way to mention steroid use in the sport, but to his credit, is completely warranted considering his current ongoing issues outside of the Octagon. Hunt did not have a name ready, but at least mentioned the general direction he wanted to go next. He also pump-faked everyone with a retirement speech, which as we know, was surprisingly reserved for Derrick Lewis moments later.

Overall score: B+

Derek Brunson *Post-fight Interview of the Night* 

  • “I’m just working on my striking, man. I work really hard. I was cheated the last fight – I’m sure you guys saw with Anderson Silva. So, hey, made sure I come out here and finish guys so that won’t happen again.”
  • “I’m working my way towards that title shot. Some guy just got a victory last week, Antonio Silva, I don’t really care about rankings. If you talk trash, let’s do it, baby. Antonio Carlos Silva, let’s do it.”
  • “I want to thank everybody at home. Thanks to my three beautiful kids. I’m about to come home, kiss my kids – it’s been a hard couple of months getting over the Anderson fight. To come out here and perform, I feel very grateful.”

It took until the co-main event of the evening for a winner to finally call out a specific name. Even if Brunson completely butchered that name, he had a name in mind and said it on the mic with Stann. Antonio Carlos Junior is the name he was looking for – not Antonio Carlos Silva as he stated. In addition to having a name, Brunson laid out his desires to fight for the title while speaking on his ever-improving fight game in a clean, concise manner. While not too many people were overly excited to see Dan Kelly KO’d in brutal fashion, Brunson was aware of this as he didn’t celebrate and remained completely professional on the microphone. As always, if you have a name and don’t mess up anything after that, you’re almost always guaranteed at least an “A” on this scoring system.

Overall score: A

Dan Hooker

  • “New Zealand stand up!”
  • “This is not me. I give all the credit to my coaches and my team. It’s a product of them. It’s got nothing to do with me, it’s my team. My coach Eugene, that was him. We drilled that a million times.”
  • “First things first guys, give a round of applause for Ross Pearson. I’ve got nothing but respect for him. He’s a warrior. That’s how we fight. Live by the sword, die by the sword.”
  • “We drilled it on the pads a million times. That’s him. That’s nothing but him. It just flowed naturally. I didn’t – I just saw it, it’s just something we drilled.”
  • “Honestly, I don’t think of anything past that bell ringing for the first round. Now I get to appreciate the crowd. Thanks for coming out! New Zealand! Be proud of your fighters!”

Working the crowd before going into the more in-depth questions is always a plus. Hooker’s humility shines extremely bright during this interview with Brian Stann. Giving all of the glory to his team and coaches, showing respect for his opponent, and also thanking the hometown crowd for their support are all positives. Finding a home at 155 is also good, but among all of the humble responses, Hooker failed to hint at what could possibly be next for him after delivering the most vicious knockout of the evening.

Overall score: B

Ion Cutelaba (through translator)

  • “Because in his country, it’s evening already, and his daughter, a little baby, is already supposed to go to sleep. So, he is in a rush to say goodnight.”
  • “He was actually ready to lose, but it was very important to win for him. In his heart, he’s always like the best.

Hulk smash. Hulk could have said anything after that performance, especially after backing up the weigh-in kerfuffle and walking completely across the cage to get in the face of his opponent while being introduced. Hulk finished the fight quickly because he wanted to tell his baby girl goodnight? See, even big, scary green monsters have a soft spot. Translated interviews are always going to be a little awkward, so the scoring is naturally lenient as a result.

Overall score: B

Ben Nguyen

  • “Huge pressure, man. Tim Elliott, he went the distance with DJ, I knew he was up there. I really wanted that challenge and he gave me that, and I was able to do it.”
  • “Yeah! She won her fight by decision. I had that pressure like ‘I gotta come home with a win too or else she’s gonna lock me out!'”
  • “I felt my left kick connect and I knew he was rocked, he was doing some weird stuff – he always does weird stuff – but I knew he was trying to wrap me up.”
  • “Man, the flyweight division is up in the air right now. I don’t know man. I really don’t know what’s gonna happen. But, I gotta tell you guys…was that a boring fight? Was that a flyweight fight? Hell yeah!”
  • “One more thing, I just want to dedicate this to my good friend Paul who passed away in Feb. I know you’re watching somewhere, man. Love you, man.”

This post-fight interview is a prime example of why this recurring article exists. Ben “10” scored himself a quick finish over a man who went the distance with the only Flyweight Champion the UFC has promoted in his previous outing. Nguyen is a very likable, happy-go-lucky type of guy on the microphone as he shows his humility along with humor. After dispatching of a top 10 opponent in seconds, the mic was hot and ready for Nguyen to carry that momentum into naming an opponent in the top five, but that didn’t happen (largely in part to the DJ vs. Dana debacle). He does salvage a decent score by playing to the crowd and acknowledging he had to score a victory since his wife, who is also a fighter, won her fight the night before and he didn’t want to be locked out of the house. However, he might find himself outside anyways since he didn’t even drop his wife’s name! (April Adams) Naturally, the performance in itself will place him in a good spot for his next matchup, but using the opportunity here to name his specific opponent could have paid off in a big way.

Overall score: B

Alexander Volkanovski

  • “Yeah, I definitely was. I knew he was going to be tough, so I knew I had to try to put him away. You know, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, I was battling some sicknesses and all that sort of stuff – so, when I wanted a finish, I was like ‘oh, I don’t want to burn out.’ I just finished antibiotics and everything, but I won’t get into that. One thing I wanted to say – I pride myself on being one of the good guys. I’m a nice guy, I’m a loyal type of guy. But everyone is playing the bad guy nowadays, everyone wants to be the bad boy. So, I want to ask Dana and Sean Shelby, feed me the bad boys – and it’s about time the good guys made some money too. Maybe we should get some Performance of the Night or something like that. So, feed me the bad boys and feed me the 50 Gs while you’re at it.”
  • “100%. Like I said, I just called out some — I usually don’t call out people out. I won’t call anyone individually, but any of the bad boys, bring them on.”

Volkanovski wants everyone to know he’s one of the good guys in the sport. The angle is fresh and appreciated amidst all of the guys who he considers to be “bad boys” in the sport. While fans of the sport can deduct who he may be speaking about, he did not specifically state to whom he was referring. Volkanovski then proceeded to break two of the biggest rules to building momentum on the microphone – asking for the bonus and uttering the most overused phrase relating to the bonus, the dreaded “50 G’s”. Refusing to call out specific opponents and asking for fifty G’s after a ho-hum decision victory causes this nice guy’s score to dip hard.

Overall score: D+

Vinc Pichel

  • “Honestly, the nerves were getting to me a bit, but once that cage got locked, I felt like I was set free, man. I’m just a wild animal. Like animals that are set free outside the cage, when I’m in the cage, that’s my freedom. So, it felt comfortable.”
  • “Yes, I was. Yes, I was. I knew that he gets a little desperate sometimes. He gets mad, he gets frustrated, he walks in like he was. I knew I’d be able to step back with a hook or an uppercut and catch him. I’m not worried about any of my power, I knew if I landed clean, he would have went down – so, I was just waiting to buy my time for that shot.”
  • “More violence in the cage! More knockouts! More mayhem! I ain’t stoppin’! I’m gonna go on a rampage! Everybody watch out for me! Hell’s coming! I’m gonna unleash it!”

Pichel’s “From Hell” gimmick is walking the line of being a little too “just bleed”-ish for the current landscape of mixed martial arts. Regardless, it works for him. After his first action since May of 2014, Pichel picked up right where he left off, extending his win streak to three in impressive fashion. Pichel let the questions come at him and creatively responded in his own style. He’s just a wild animal from hell who wants to cause more mayhem. We can dig his energy, even if he didn’t give us a name.

Overall Score: B+

Luke Jumeau

  • “This is massive! Absolutely massive! Every single person here, every single person watching this – you know what I mean? There’s thousands and thousands, you know? I wouldn’t be here without you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you know? I’m here now for my family! Come along for the ride you guys! It’s gonna be a ride!”
  • “Believed in myself, man. Believed in myself, you know? It took that little bit of adjustment (inaudible) of my performance, I was pulling off, you know what I mean, like…like I said man, this is the beginning! This is Octagon jitters getting the job done and I couldn’t be more happy, you know? You’re gonna see me grow and I’m here man, I’m here!”
  • “I was offered the four-fight contract, but there’s no guarantees, man, you know? I could have come in here and had a bad performance and that would have been the end of it, but here I am for the long haul, man!”

Winning in your homeland is always an exciting feeling. Winning in your homeland in your UFC debut? Extremely exciting. The joy was beaming from Jumeau as he responded to each question, resulting in slightly awkward repetition of “you know?” Jumeau gets a pass this time for trying to contain his excitement while attempting to put the whole experience into words. While he got over the Octagon jitters for the fight, we’ll pay close attention to his Octagon jitters on the mic after his next victory in the UFC.

Overall score: B-

John Moraga

  • “I’ve decided to put in the work on the ground. I’ve always felt good there, but I really wanted to put in some work and make sure I got all the details down. I guess it showed tonight, you know, I had to do what I had to do to get the win.”
  • “No, you know, I just…I’m gonna sit back, go home, heal up. I kinda had to rush back into this fight because it was do or die. This is what they offered me. I’m gonna heal up and I’m gonna come back even better.”

John Moraga returned from a long layoff to face UFC debutant Ashkan Mokhtarian. It was a dominant victory that earned a 30-25 on one judge’s card, but it wasn’t exactly the most exciting fight on the card. After a dominant performance like that, Moraga’s first response to Stann was a quick, one sentence answer. He then had the opportunity to call out a top-ranked opponent to make things at 125 interesting. Not only did Moraga not have a name, he didn’t even offer a suggestion of ranking range. Solid performance in the cage, but the performance on the mic was a letdown.

Overall Score: C-

No Octagon Interview:

  • JJ Aldrich
  • Zak Ottow

Who had the best performance on the mic at UFC Fight Night 110? Let us know on Twitter @mmalatestnws

Stay tuned for next weekend’s Mic Momentum after Holly Holm and Bethe Correia throw down in Singapore!

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Exclusive: Derek Brunson: “Anderson was definitely a little lubed up”



Derek Brunson fought Anderson Silva back in February of this year, at UFC 208. Brunson would go on to lose the fight by controversial unanimous decision. However, the controversies didn’t stop at the questionable decision, Brunson also claims Silva was greasing during the fight. The Wilmington, North Carolina native, posted about it on Twitter a few days ago:

Speaking with MMA Latest, Brunson explained why he believes Silva was greasing during the fight. “Anderson was definitely a little lubed up. Every time I grabbed him he was just slipping out of everything, and his takedown defense was really good that night. I was definitely curious to know why he was very slippery, which I definitely think he had some kind of substance on his body. He knows I’m a wrestler obviously, he’s an old, savvy veteran, so he was definitely trying to play all the rules and be very strategic, and make it harder for a wrestler to grab him.”

Brunson is set to face Lyoto Machida come October 28, when asked about whether he was worried about Machida greasing, considering Gegard Mousasi accused him of doing so in their fight, Brunson admitted he wasn’t too worried.

Well I’m not too worried, but like I said, I put it out there because I know they’re friends and I know, obviously, that’s kind of what the guys do when they know they’re fighting a wrestler. They want to lube their body up really good to make it hard to grab hold, Anderson did a great job defending my takedowns. It’s because he was all greased up so he was able to stop a lot of them. When I grab guys in the clinch, it’s very tough for them to get away and I’m pretty good with my Greco takedown. He was pretty much pulling through my clinch when I had a tight grip on him and if you have some kind of substance on your body it’s easy to pull them.”

Neither Silva nor his management have commented on the greasing allegations. Anderson Silva makes his return against Kelvin Gastelum later this year, in China. While Brunson makes his return to the Octagon on October 28th, in Brazil, where he looks to add Lyoto Machida’s name to his impressive list of victories.

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Ovince Saint Preux Steps in to Face Corey Anderson at UFC 217



UFC 217 just got even more interesting. Earlier this week, Patrick Cummins pulled out of his light heavyweight matchup with Corey Anderson due to a Staph infection. Corey “Overtime” Anderson was not happy with his opponents decision, even calling out his opponent on Instagram asking how Cummins could, “call it quits so far from fight night”.

The UFC left Anderson on the card, and he found an opponent through the magic of Twitter. Ovince Saint Preux tweeted out directly to Anderson stating:

It didn’t take long for Anderson to respond agreeing to the fight, tagging Mick Maynard and Dana White in his response.

Only a few short hours later, the fight announcement came from the official UFC twitter account.


This top 10 Light Heavyweight matchup should add to an already amazing card coming in November at Madison Square Garden. Saint Preux is coming off of back to back wins both due to the very rare von flue choke, he finds himself ranked #7th in the latest edition of the 205-pound rankings. Corey “Overtime” Anderson is 4-2 in his last 6 fights, but is coming off a brutal first round knockout loss to Jimi Manuwa in March.

With such a exciting fight added to this card, what do you see happening November 4th?  Will Corey Anderson bounce back and look to jump into the top 5 of the rankings, or will Ovince Saint Preux go for a third straight von flue choke? Let us know.

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*Watch* Bellator 185 Weigh in: Live Stream, Results



Watch the live weigh-ins for Bellator 185 here.

Gegard Mousasi takes on Alexander Slemenko live this Friday night October 20th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville CT. This is the first appearance for Mousasi in the Bellator cage as he looks to secure a title shot with a win over the very tough former Bellator champion Slemenko. Joining these men of the main card will be a pair of welterweights as Neiman Gracie from the famous Gracie BJJ family takes on Zak Bucia in the co-main event.

Full Weigh-in Results: (Updated in real time)

Main Card:

Gegard Mousasi (185) vs. Alexander Shlemenko (186)
Neiman Gracie (170.5) vs. Zak Bucia (170)
Heather Hardy (126) vs. Kristina Williams (126)
Ryan Quinn (155.5) vs. Marcus Surin (155)
Ana Julaton (125.5) vs. Lisa Blaine (122)

Preliminary Card:

Jordan Young (200) vs. Alec Hooben (194)
Costello van Steenis (185) vs. Steve Skrzat (186)
Vinicius de Jesus (170) vs. Joaquin Buckley (171)
John Beneduce (154.5) vs. Dean Hancock (155)
Timothy Wheeler (144) vs. Pete Rogers (144)
Don Shainis (150) vs. Matthew Denning (149)
Frank Sforza (149) vs. Vovka Clay (150)
Kevin Carrier (156) vs. Jose Antonio Perez (153)
John Lopez (126) vs. Billy Giovanella (125)

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