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MMA Prospect Profile: Undefeated BAMMA Flyweight, Pietro Menga

Iain MacMillan



Name: Pietro “Pitbull” Menga
Weightclass: Flyweight (125 lbs)
Current Promotion: BAMMA
Affiliation: MMA Academy Liverpool
Record: 12-0
Most Recent Fight: Win (SUB) vs. Steve McCombe at BAMMA Fight Night, August 2nd 2014
Next Fight: Not Yet Officially Announced

In this weeks edition of MMA Prospect Profile we take a look at one of the top English prospects in MMA today. Pietro “Pitbull” Menga is an undefeated (12-0) flyweight fighter and the former champion of Full Contact Contender and Ultimate Cage Championships. His jiu-jitsu skills are unprecedented as he boasts 8 submission finishes on his record and 2 KO/TKO’s to go along with them. His 83% finish rate is astounding for a flyweight which further backs his case for being one of the top fighters at 125 lbs yet to be signed by the UFC.
Despite a lengthy layoff due to injuries, Menga is set to make his return to the cage in the very near future and he’s more than prepared to show off an ever improved skill set against his next opponent. He is a true student of the art, taking every chance possible to soak up knowledge from any source that’s willing to share some with him. With the speed, technique, grappling ability, and sharp mind that Menga possesses, the sky truly is the limit for this England born Mixed Martial Artist.
I recently had the opportunity to ask Menga a few questions about what he’s been up to since his last fight, his plans for his future, and where he thinks he stands among the top flyweights in the world. This is what he had to say:

MMA Latest News: You’re 12-0 with 10 finishes, is finishing a fight inside the distance something you take pride in and aim to do in each contest? Which win has been the most memorable for you?

Pietro Menga: Yes I take great pride in possesing the ability to finish a fight inside the distance, more so with finishes coming against such high level competition. I take what ever I can from my opponent, as soon as they show me a chink in their armour or make a mistake, I capitalize. I’m an opportunist.
I wouldn’t say I have one memory in particular. I remember them all and value them for different reasons, mostly being able to improve from each fight and better myself which is really a credit to all of my opponents.

MMALN: You haven’t fought since August in 2014, do you feel the long lay-off will effect you in any way upon your return? How motivated are you to get back in there?

PM: It will not effect me at all, the break has been a blessing and has given me chance to work on other areas, becoming a more complete martial artist and athlete. I think it’s hard to make improvements while training for a specific fight or in ‘camp’ all the time. Ive had over a year to travel, learn new things and most importantly enjoy the training without even thinking about a fight.
Ive have had a lay off with injuries but also spent alot of time refining my skills with my coaches in the gym along with training camps abroad at a world class boxing gym MGM & with Frankie Edgar team in NJ which added a lot to my game, so you better believe I will be coming back a better, smarter and more mature version than before.

MMALN: Is there someone that you looked up to early in your career and possibly modeled your style after?

PM: There are lots of fighters I look up to and definately take inspiration from for many reasons. I’m big on theory and studying not just MMA but individual disciplines as well. I like problem solving when it comes to my own sparring or fights, I’m always trying to evolve. I studied a lot of Giorgio Petrosyan and Marcelo Garcia massively since I was an amateur as well as many other martial artists, boxers, wrestlers etc. MMA has such a wide spectrum and many facors so I like to keep an open mind.

MMALN: Where do you see yourself ranked among the fighters in your weight class across the world?

PM: I believe I’m top 10 calibre. I’ve never lost a round, never mind a fight. Of course I have to earn a title such as that and I will get my chance to compete against the best.

MMALN: What are your short term and long term goals in the sport?

PM: Keep chasing perfection, short term and long term the goal is the same. I want to be a world champion and fight all over the world, that would be special for me.

MMALN: Is there someone from any promotion that you’d love to be matched up with? Who do you think would be a fun fight for you, stylistically?

PM: Of course I’m going to say any of those UFC flyweights are fights I would love, Sergio Pettis, Chris Cariaso? Somebody like that would be a fun fight. I dont lose sleep over any of those guys and you can be sure that a few of them are keeping my spot warm. There are plenty of good match ups for me in the BAMMA Flyweight division through out this year.

I’d like to thank Pietro Menga for taking the time to answer my questions, and I wish him the best in his upcoming return to the cage. Please follow him on twitter at @PitbullMenga

Photo Credit: James Crowder Photography

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Exclusive: Alex Lohore “Didn’t Know” Who Richard Kiely Was Before BAMMA 32 Booking

Harry Davies



We spoke to the recently crowned BAMMA welterweight champion Alex Lohore, as he prepares to defend his title against Richard Kiely at BAMMA 32 in Dublin.

Lohore (13-1) won the vacant BAMMA welterweight title last month at BAMMA 31 in London. Fighting his longtime rival Nathan Jones on the night, Lohore knocked out “Mr Bag & Tag” with a knee in the first round.

Q: Obviously the rivalry between you and Jones had been going on for years, but you finished it in brutal fashion. Did you to speak to him after the fight?

Yeah I did have a chat with him. I was telling him that it was a great fight and we should train together sometime, but he was he wasn’t really keen on it. I guess he was still a bit sore about the defeat.

Q: In the cage after your win, you called out Richard Kiely, now you’re fighting him. Are you happy you got the opponent you asked for?

Everyone keeps saying I called him out, I didn’t call him out, he called me out! I didn’t even address his name, I said ‘this Irish kid has been running his mouth we’re going to go out there and shut him up.’ I didn’t even know who he was. He’s been mentioning my name and talking a lot of rubbish on my social media disturbing me and my fans.

Q: The finish against Jones was picture perfect. From the elbow, to the right hand, to the knee, was it the best of your career?

Yeah I think it is, by far! It was perfect technique. I knew as he was going he back he would try to duck in for the takedown. Because I was throwing the head kick anyway all I needed to do was just switch it to a knee. I couldn’t ask for any better.

Q: Given it’s in Dublin and Richard is Irish, How do you feel about going into enemy territory at BAMMA 32?

That’s great, that’s why I’m doing it! I need to be comfortable in every environment, so going out there will test. I wanted to be on the Dublin card, now I can teach him a little lesson too, I can’t wait.

Q: As you know the Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers has brought a lot of attention to BAMMA recently, what are your thoughts on him? 

He’s good man. For someone who doesn’t come from a fighting background and does reality TV stuff, he’s doing good. How can people say he should fight someone more experienced, because he is taking  guys that are on his level and he’s doing good.

He’s helping MMA fighters because he has got a big following so more people are going to be watching MMA and learning about MMA so it’s a good thing having him on board.

BAMMA32 will take place at the 3Arena in Dublin on November 10th. Tickets are now on sale at The card will air live on both UNILAD’s Facebook page, and Dave.

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BAMMA 31: Alex Lohore Knocks Out Nathan Jones with a Knee

Harry Davies



In the main event of BAMMA 31, Alex Lohore knocked out Nathan Jones with a vicious knee to become the new BAMMA welterweight champion.

Jones (11-6) returned to BAMMA after fighting at Bellator 179 in May, where he submitted Umer Kayani in the first round. It was his first title fight under the promotion, as he stepped into the BAMMA cage for the sixth time in his professional career.

The self-proclaimed “future of French MMA” Lohore (13-1) was riding a 9-fight winning streak as he made his BAMMA debut on the night. Like Jones, “Da Kid” last fought at Bellator 179 stopping Dan Vinni, who was scheduled to face Walter Gahadza tonight, but the fight was cancelled.

Round One:

Lohore backed up Jones to the fence and landed some good knees to the midsection. It was evident pre-fight animosity was carried into the cage as both men swung with bad intentions in the first. Jones secured a takedown and looked to wrap up a guillotine choke but Lohore defended well.

After Jones and Lohore broke from a clinching position, Lohore landed a beautiful step-in knee and sent Jones crashing to the canvas unconscious.

Official Result: Alex Lohore def. Nathan Jones via KO (Knee) Round One 4:13

You can stay updated with the official results of BAMMA 31 here, and also over at our Twitter page @mmalatestnews.

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BAMMA 31: Aaron Chalmers Wins by Knockout in 30 Seconds

Harry Davies



In the second fight of his career, Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers knocked out Alex Thompson in just 30-seconds at BAMMA 31.

Chalmers (2-0) made his pro debut back in April at BAMMA 29, when he submitted Greg Jenkins in the first round. “The Joker” had spent his training camp at UTC in Birmingham for this fight, alongside the likes of Yannick Bahati and UFC welterweight Leon Edwards.

Thompson (0-1) had previously fought at BAMMA before facing Chalmers, but on the amateur circuit. Making his pro MMA debut on the night, “The Iron Born” was riding a 4-fight losing streak coming into BAMMA 31, and had taken almost a full year away from the cage.

Round One:

As the round opened up, Chalmers and Thompson began to exchange on the feet. A left uppercut from “The Joker” had already knocked Thompson out on the feet, and as he was falling to the canvas Chalmers landed a right hand to finish the job.

Official Result: Aaron Chalmers def. Alex Thompson via KO (Uppercut) Round One: 0:30

You can stay updated with the official results of BAMMA 31 here, and also over at our Twitter page @mmalatestnews.

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