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One Defining Moment: UFC Fight Night 90

Peyton Wesner



Unlike many popular professional sports associations, the UFC has no off-season. 365 days a year, from January to December, the best mixed martial artists are training and honing their craft to climb up the rankings and experience their “One Shining Moment.” However, for most, before enjoying his or her “One Shining Moment,” a fighter must establish and prove he or she belongs among the best. This is called the “One Defining Moment.” So without further ado, let’s check out the One Defining Moments of those stepping into the octagon at UFC Fight Night 90.
#10 Roy Nelson (22-12, 8-8 in UFC) vs. #12 Derrick Lewis (15-4, 6-2 in UFC)***Co-Main Event – Heavyweight Bout

Roy “Big Country” Nelson

Not everyone’s “One Defining Moment” comes in victory. Back-tracking almost six years, Roy “Big Country” Nelson was faced with the biggest obstacle of his MMA career, for he was due to face future two-time heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos at UFC 117. In the beginning, Big Country seemed to find his groove early. More specifically, his movement was smooth and rapid, his strikes were landing, and a quick clinch supplied him with an opportunity to let go of all of his weight and administer it to his opponent. Dos Santos, avoiding a takedown, blasted Nelson with a huge right knee when breaking the clinch and followed it up with his famous uppercut. From the uppercut, the well-known bearded mixed martial artist went flying to the side of the cage before absorbing more abuse in the center of the octagon. Dos Santos proceeded to start teeing off with hook after hook. But, Big Country stayed strong despite then being battered by a flurry of right uppercuts and right hooks. The bout looked capable of being finished quickly. Though, Roy Nelson would not allow it. Continuing to push forward and keep Dos Santos honest with his one punch power, Big Country refused to go down. Even when another right uppercut sent him to the canvas, Nelson kept his wits about him and eyed a single leg takedown. Although the attempt proved futile, Big Country got back to his feet and offered a flush hook of his own. With the 1st round easily won in terms of the judges’ scorecards, Dos Santos chewed up Nelson’s chin with jabs and uppercuts prior to the horn sounding. Over the next two rounds, Nelson showed he was too legit to quit. From landing a heavy right hook and right straight that temporarily slowed the future champion to cutting the opposition’s eye a little over halfway through the 2nd, Big Country’s offense started to find holes. However, Dos Santos was truly too much and continued to put Nelson on unsure legs, especially at the end of rounds. Granted, the decision was unanimous in favor of Dos Santos (30-26, 30-27, 30-27); however, Nelson withstood finish opportunity after finish opportunity in a grit showcasing 15 minute performance, which taught all future opponents that Big Country is one of the toughest fighters to get out of the cage in all of the UFC.

Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis

The biggest fight of his career met Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis earlier this year at the Zagreb Arena in Croatia as he was set to battle long-time UFC veteran, Gabriel Gonzaga. Lewis, seasoned with experience himself, was eying to move his winning streak to three, which would be his longest in the promotion. Right out of the gates, The Black Beast looked to be aggressive and partially landed a high right head kick that sent his opponent backward towards the cage. Gonzaga, an expert of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, flipped position with Lewis and took him down in a masterful takedown. On the ground, Lewis was tested by submissions, for Gonzaga took his back while desiring a rear naked choke. But, the choke was never on the chin, ultimately allowing the American to escape to his feet. Following a clinch break shortly under two minutes, The Black Beast attempted to utilize his boxing range to land strikes. Yet, he found no such luck and was again wrapped up against the side of the Octagon in a clinch. Lewis fought off a leg trip takedown attempt before another break, this time at the 30 second mark. The 1st round was likely to go in favor of Gonzaga, but it would never get that far. The Black Beast, displaying patience in finding the right time to unleash a barrage of punches, discovered such opportunity with under a half minute to go. It all started with a right hand straight that slipped through the defense and was followed up by two hooks, one from each side. Lewis proceeded to add appropriate hammer fists for the biggest win of his career to date.

#C Rafael dos Anjos (25-7, 14-5 in UFC) vs #2 Eddie Alvarez (27-4, 2-1 in UFC)

***Main Event – Lightweight Championship

Rafael dos Anjos

One’s first headliner, in itself, is recognition that a fighter is one of the best in the UFC. Yet, how he or she performs, can solidify the hype and talent. For Rafael dos Anjos, August 23, 2014, is this date. The Brazilian ranked 5th at the time, was faced with his first big named opponent in former UFC lightweight champion and top contender Benson “Smooth” Henderson. All odds and betting lines listed dos Anjos as a huge underdog. And, if you made a big bet on the favorite, you lost a lot of money. While the two traded kicks and landed combinations early, Henderson started to execute very filthy, effective strikes. The only problem for the former belt holder was dos Anjos responded and countered with his own offerings. Although Smooth knocked dos Anjos to the canvas with a strong push kick, which exhilarated the American crowd, the “visitor” quickly got back to his feet and started to exhibit great control of the octagon. Moreover, dos Anjos’ left straight, which led to other combinations, started to land flush in addition to pushing Henderson against the cage. The former champion, attempting to turn the tides, moved forward to avoid being trapped but was smacked with a pair of flying knees. Smelling victory, RDA forced Henderson to his feet after a sprawl and dropped him with a left hook. Once referee “Big” John McCarthy knew Benson Henderson was out cold, he quickly stepped in, meaning Rafael dos Anjos had just made his first giant statement in the UFC.

Eddie Alvarez

Before Philadelphia’s own Eddie Alvarez made his UFC debut in 2014, he was a two-time lightweight Bellator champion who was famous for finishing opponents, either with strikes or submissions. One of his most violent and impressive victories transpired on October 12, 2012, when facing Patricky “Pitbull” Freire. Early in the 1st round, Alvarez dropped Pitbull with a heavy left hand straight and proceeded to try to finish the fight on the ground. Yet, the tables soon turned as he found himself eating a right-hand hook and wobbling away from trouble. The hard-nosed champion, unlike others who would have been finished on the spot, found the side of the cage and induced a clinch to stay alive. Following two more minutes of back and forth, fast paced action, Alvarez started to land jabs through Pitbull’s stand-up defense. As the fight progressed, everyone in attendance believed a 2nd round was imminent. Or, everyone besides Alvarez. The fighter filled with Brotherly Love controlled the center of the octagon and drilled Pitbull with a right leg kick that turned his lights out. The fight was over and Eddie Alvarez became the first man to finish Patricky “Pitbull” Freire via a TKO/KO. And who would have thought, a few minutes earlier, the end result could have been flipped.

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Ladies Fight Night 7: “Double Trouble” Preview



Polish women’s federation Ladies Fight Night is going to celebrate their second birthday this year on the 15th to 17th of December. Two days, two events with a lot of great bouts.

LFN in Poland is being titled the new Invicta FC. The Polish owners created this federation to give European women a chance to fight on a big platform.

Hosting their first ever event in December 2015, LFN will hold two great cards next week, that will feature women who have fought under many prestigious promotions, such as the UFC, Invicta, Bellator, Glory, and Kunlun.

Two days of fantastic fights, intensified by a double dose of sports impressions. The name is not accidental, LFN 7 / LFN 8 combines two events, during which the best Polish fighters will be shown, as well as the best fighters from Europe (including France, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania)

The stakes are high, and we are electrified by the clashes between warriors such as Żaneta Cieśla vs Silvia La Notte and Patricia Axling vs. Cindy Silvestri. Mainly due to their vastness of their experience in the cage.

In the fight of the evening, the talented Romanian Cristina Stanciu will face Magdaléna Šormovádo. Stanciu fought twice in the UFC, but she was unfortunately cut from the promotion after suffering consecutive losses to Cortney Casey and Maryna Moroz.

Judyta Rymarzak vs Marta Waliczek is an amazing fight between two experienced kickboxers. Both making their pro MMA debuts on the night, we will witness a one-of-a-kind duel between two kickboxing perfectionists, as they look to transcend their skills into the MMA world.

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The Wake-Up Report-UFC 218



The Wake-Up Report is a way for you to get all the important info about the fights the night before. After letting it all sink in and letting all the carnage seep deep into your soul, we get to go back and take a second look at all the madness of the night. Last night the UFC pulled off one of the best PPV cards a true fight fan could imagine. Waking up after a night of fights like we had last night is like waking up from a dream that was also a bit scary. There was two ‘Fight of the Night’ in UFC president Dana White’s eyes but in the eyes of the millions of fans watching all over the world, there could have been so many more.

UFC 218 kicked off at 6:15 ET with the UFC Fight Pass Prelims, by 6:20 we already had the first knockout of the night. Justin Willis welcomed ‘Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series’ fighter, Allen Crowder to the UFC with a massive left hand to the chin.

Official Result: Willis def. Crowder by KO in round 1

The prelims continued with a submission win for Dominick Reyes over Jeremy Kimball.

Official Result: Reyes def. Kimball by Submission in round 1

Proceeding that fight was a strange one between Abdul Razak Alhassan and Sabah Homasi. An early stoppage by veteran UFC ref Herb Dean led to the KO win by Homasi. Immediately, the stoppage was contested by Alhassan. Dana White agreed that the fight was ended too soon and announced in the post-fight media scrum that this fight will be run back on the UFC 219 card on December 30th.

Official Result: Homasi def. Alhassan by KO in round 1

The early prelims ended with a great win by Amanda Bobby Cooper over Angela Magana.

Official Result: Cooper def. Magana by TKO in round 2

We followed that strawweight fight up with another strawweight battle when Felice Herrig squeaked out the split decision victory over Courtney Casey.

Official Result: Herrig def. Casey by Split Decision 

David Teymur was on the winning side of a unanimous decision over his opponent Drakkar Klose. Teymur has now won four in a row since coming to the UFC and should be setting himself up for a ranked opponent in his next time out.

Official Result: Teymur def. Klose by Unanimous Decision

Right smack in the middle of this massive fight card was one fight that you can tell your grandkids about one day. Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira vs. Yancy Medeiros is the reason we all love MMA. That fight had everything you could want in a fight. Both men gave their all and pushed themselves to the brink in over to get the win. On this cold December night in Detriot, MI, Yancy Medeiros was the better man and he was able to stop Oliveira in the third round by TKO. Earning themselves a well deserved ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus, these two fighters have put the rest of the welterweight division on notice.

Official Result: Medeiros def. Oliveira by TKO in round 3

The next fight featured another Oliveira, Charles Oliveira. He took on ‘The Irish Dragon’ Paul Felder. Felder put on a dominant performance and took out Oliveira in the second round with a big TKO victory.

Official Result: Felder def. Oliveira by TKO in round 2

As if the FS1 free prelims didn’t already satisfy your fight needs for the night we happily moved right along to the PPV portion of the evening. The main card kicked off in the strawweight division with a pair of title contenders looking to be the first title defense for the newly crowned champ Rose Namajumas.  Both women started off strong, but it was Tecia Torres who shortly emerged as the stronger physical fighter. She was able to get Michelle Waterson up against the cage several times and eventually worked out the unanimous decision victory and perhaps a third date with Namajunas.

Official Result: Torres def. Waterson by Unanimous Decision

Following the strawweights were the coaches of this season of The Ultimate Fighter, Eddie Alvarez, and Justin Gaethje. This fight was one of the focal points for fans in the weeks leading up to the fight. These two men had a great deal of respect for one another and showed that inside the octagon as well. A back and forth of heavy hands and vicious leg kicks ended in the TKO victory for Alvarez and he handed Gaethje the first loss of his career. This fight also earned a ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus from the bossman, Dana White.

Official Result: Alvarez def. Gaethje by TKO in round 3

Next came a bout in the flyweight division. Perhaps not as exciting as the rest of the card, but, former gold medal wrestler Henry Cejudo did what he had to do to get the nod over young talent Sergio Pettis.

Official Result: Cejudo def. Pettis by Unanimous Decision

From some of the smallest guys on the roster to the monsters of the heavyweight division, in walked rising star Francis Ngannou and Alistair Overeem. We all knew coming into this fight that we would see carnage, but nothing prepared us of the ginormous KO that was about to ensue. Francis Ngannou was able to squash Overeems plan of wrapping him up in the clinch and immediately put his massive left fist right to Overeem’s chin. The world record holder for punching power used all of his might and unleashed on his opponent. With this win, Ngannou has solidified his title shot against champion Stipe Miocic. Dana White has plans for that bout in the first quarter of 2018.

Official Result: Ngannou def. Overeem by KO in round 1

As if things couldn’t get better than that, we still had a main event featuring one of the greatest fighters to ever grace the UFC octagon. Jose Aldo was looking to regain his title, and for a good portion of the first round it looked like that would be the case. Max Holloway saw it another way. Holloway absorbed all the shots from Aldo and imposed his strength on the exhausted Aldo. The fight, that went on in very similar fashion from the first meeting between these two fighters, ended in the third round when the ref stepped in and called the fight.

Official Result: Holloway def. Aldo by TKO in round 3

Max Holloway has secured a place in the history books as one of the greatest to fight in the UFC at 145 pounds. It would seem that Frankie Edgar will get the next shot at the champ. As for Aldo, only time will tell where the former champ goes from here. Perhaps there will be a change of weight classes as he looks for another shot at the man who robbed him of his title initially, Conor McGregor.

The fight fans of Detroit, MI received an early holiday present in the form of violence and mayhem. UFC 218 was a successful fight card and one for the record books. Like true fans of fighting we take a brief moment to reflect before quickly turning our attention to next week where we begin the madness all over again. The nest card will take place in Fresco, CA on December 8th. That card will be headlined by Cub Swanson vs. Brian Ortega.

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2017 IMMAF World Championships set to be streamed live on IOS and Android app



This years IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain is only 4 days away now and competitors from around the world are preparing themselves for what will be an extraordinary event and opportunity to make themselves known. The prestigious event is being hosted by the BMMAF under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

For fans around the world good news came today as they will be able to watch their favourite amateur athlete take to the cage in the Khalifa Sports City Arena via an app. The BahrainTV app will be streaming all of the fights live for fans to watch at home or even on the go on their phone. You can also keep up to date via for all relevant info for the event.

The links for the BahrainTV app are as follows:



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