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UFC 196: Post-fight Press Conference Stream/Highlights



March 5th, 2016. Las Vegas, NV

As always the MMA Latest team will provide full coverage on tonight’s fights. Tonight’s stream is scheduled to begin shortly. Be sure to refresh the page as it’ll be updated following the end of the conference.

Conference Highlights: 

  • Dana White mentioned this event is “breaking every record (we) have ever had.”
  • A media member mentioned how this has evidently scuffled plans for the fighters who were favorites in their fights, and White stated that nothing was planned in advance.
  • Diaz mentioned how his bout at UFC 197 marked his 25th fight and hesitated, but eventually expressed a frustrated, candid response about McGregor getting “help” and wishing he had the same push McGregor received from the UFC.
  • White is unsure if GSP wants to return to fighting.
  • Tate said she told Bryan it will be “red boxer brief night”.
  • Conor McGregor mentioned how his kicks were catching Nate’s gloves and is interested in reminding the featherweights who their champion is and is eyeing UFC 200 as a return.
  • Amanda Nunes politely asks Tate about a fight between them in the future to which Tate replied with it’s all on the UFC to decide that, and would be happy to fight her.
  • McGregor can’t decide who to defend his FW title against and will listen to what the fans want. Mentioned Aldo is a great candidate, but he pulls out too much.

Tate on the pressure of losing some of the rounds:

“My cornermen are always honest with me. They never lie to me, they’ve said “looks like she one three of the four rounds,” I haven’t been able to see it yet, but I take their advice strongly. Bryan basically went in there and told me, “you have to go guns blazing.””

on the rear naked choke:

“I just knew that I had to hang on and I expect that people are going to try and get out of it with everything they have and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Holly, she’s tough as nails. She was giving everything to get out of that and I had to hang on for dear life essentially, and I did.”

on what she feels is her next opponent:

“The right move feels like drinking a budwieser and eating some cupcakes. That feels like the right move. My job as the champion is to fight next best person, and whoever that is, I will fight them.”

Diaz on his win and if he ever doubted himself:

“No. I felt like I was going to have a slow start. Pick up as I go. I think I should have dodged that punch a little better. I knew I was the superior boxer, the superior martial artist, supeior jiu-jitsu (practioner) . I have the best training partners in the world. Nothing suprised me except that I got hit at all. I think with a full camp I would have been flawless. He got a lot of push, he’s been doing great. He’s had a lot of help behind him. I wish I had that same push, that same help.  Iv’e been in this a long time. I’ve been 9 years (in the UFC). I’ve been (thinking) the last few years when this was going to pay off and I think it’s about time.”

on his next move:

“I’m at the top. It’s their call, so we’ll see what’s next.”

Holm on her loss:

“I have to be honest with myself. I knew I was ahead on the scorecards. Honestly, maybe I felt like I was getting to complacent in there. I just made a mistake, it  cost me everything tonight, but I’ll be back.”

It’s a growing experience. There’s always these odds on paper. For me it’s always 50/50. There’s a winner and loser. She had a great second round. I felt like I won 1,3, and 4. It’s a learning experience for me. I kind of let my guard down a little too soon and it cost me the fight.”

McGregor on his loss:

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow. I took a shot and I went at it. I feel I was simply inefficient with my energy. Usually I fight a man  in the division I am champion in and they crumble under those shots. But Nate took them very well. I think the weight allowed him to take them so well. I think with a little adjustment and a recognition that the bigger man, you must bea bit more efficient with your striking. I made some errors. Hats off to Nate, he fought very well, he stayed in there.”

on his wheel kicks:

“My wheel kicks… they didn’t really… I threw them and missed. I think they done more to my energy than they did to his energy and he got the better of that.”

“It was simply a battle of energy. This is the game. We win some we lose some. I will never shy away. I will never shy away from defeat, this is part of the game. I am happy to be in there. I went in, I took the fight, and it didn’t pay off. This is the fight business and I will be back.”


“I finished. I finished strong. My next step is to fight for the belt. I think I deserve. I think Holly needs to fight Ronda, I want to fight Miesha.”




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*WATCH* DaveNoseMMA – Aljamain Sterling Knockout Aftermath

Harry Davies



In this video, MMA Latest’s Dave Noseworthy shares his thoughts on Marlon Moraes’ brutal knockout of Aljamain Sterling that took place this past weekend at UFC Fresno.

Check out Dave’s thoughts below:


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Fight Announcements

Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou Official for UFC 220



UFC 220 in Boston, Massachusetts has its main event. Stipe Miocic (17-2) will put his belt on the line for the third time against rising heavyweight star, Francis Ngannou (11-1)

Rumors surrounded the match-up for UFC 220 after Ngannou’s first round knockout over Alistair Overeem, at UFC 218. The Cameroonian heavyweight called for the fight himself. In his octagon interview proceeding his most recent victory, Ngannou stated:

“I’m feeling good… I’m on my way to a title shot”.

The heavy handed Ngannou has finished all of his opponents in all of his six UFC bouts. A streak which includes a kimura submission over Anthony Hamilton and a TKO victory against former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski. Overall, he holds a ten fight win streak. His only defeat came by way of unanimous decision to Zoumana Cisse, in his second professional MMA fight.

If victorious, Ngannou would become the first African-born champion in UFC history.

Not to be diminished, Stipe Miocic rides his a streak of his own into the beantown match-up. Five consecutive wins, five knockouts and the past four of which, ended in the first round. A victory in Boston for the champ would make him the longest reigning heavyweight champion in UFC history. Currently, Miocic is one of three heavyweights, in the promotions entirety, whom has successfully defended the belt twice.

UFC 220 will be held at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on January 20th, 2018. The pay-per-view (PPV) card will also feature light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, as he faces challenger Volkan “No Time” Oezdemir.

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Ladies Fight Night 7: “Double Trouble” Preview



Polish women’s federation Ladies Fight Night is going to celebrate their second birthday this year on the 15th to 17th of December. Two days, two events with a lot of great bouts.

LFN in Poland is being titled the new Invicta FC. The Polish owners created this federation to give European women a chance to fight on a big platform.

Hosting their first ever event in December 2015, LFN will hold two great cards next week, that will feature women who have fought under many prestigious promotions, such as the UFC, Invicta, Bellator, Glory, and Kunlun.

Two days of fantastic fights, intensified by a double dose of sports impressions. The name is not accidental, LFN 7 / LFN 8 combines two events, during which the best Polish fighters will be shown, as well as the best fighters from Europe (including France, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania)

The stakes are high, and we are electrified by the clashes between warriors such as Żaneta Cieśla vs Silvia La Notte and Patricia Axling vs. Cindy Silvestri. Mainly due to their vastness of their experience in the cage.

In the fight of the evening, the talented Romanian Cristina Stanciu will face Magdaléna Šormovádo. Stanciu fought twice in the UFC, but she was unfortunately cut from the promotion after suffering consecutive losses to Cortney Casey and Maryna Moroz.

Judyta Rymarzak vs Marta Waliczek is an amazing fight between two experienced kickboxers. Both making their pro MMA debuts on the night, we will witness a one-of-a-kind duel between two kickboxing perfectionists, as they look to transcend their skills into the MMA world.

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