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UFC Fight Night 70 – Fighters Making Their Debut.

Ethan Mudford



UFC Fight Night 70 takes place on June 27 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida and will be headlined by Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida and Yoel ‘The Soldier of God’ Romero; two top ranked Middleweight fighters who are looking to earn a shot at the belt. Before the main event though, six fighters will compete in the Octagon for the very first time. Let’s take a look at those fighters in more detail.

Fighter: Steve Bosse

Division: Light Heavyweight

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 33

Record: 10-1

Team: Tristar Gym

Previous Organisation: Challenge MMA, TKO

Notable Victories: Wes Sims, Houston Alexander and Marvin Eastman

Finally, after being signed to the UFC in 2014 and having 2 fights fall through due to various reasons, Steve Bosse will be stepping into the Octagon for the first time – over 2 years after his last fight. The former North American Hockey League enforcer was always known for his toughness having had a reported 221 fights on the ice before retiring and transferring that toughness into the cage in 2007.

Bosse is very much a stand up fighter, using his hands primarily due to his Hockey fighting background and also has a decent dirty boxing technique. He trains out of Tristar Gym in Montreal so expect head trainer Firas Zihabi to have had an influence on his all around game, especially in the last 2 years that he has been absent from the sport. Fighters under Zihabi normally improve leaps and bounds in short periods of time and I expect nothing less from Bosse.

Initially expected to make his debut in April, 2014 against fellow Canadian Ryan Jimmo, Bosse pulled out of the fight due to a shoulder injury and subsequently retired telling La Presse that “My body is talking to me, It’s time that I make the right decision.”

Fast forward to UFC 186 back in April this year and all the talk was about whether or not ‘Rampage’ Jackson would be able to co-headline the event against Fabio Maldonado after his former employer Bellator MMA had been granted an injunction against him for breach of contract. ‘Rampage’ was out and Steve Bosse stepped up on short notice but 4 days before the event, the injunction was lifted and Bosse was removed from the card.

After having 2 potential fights fall through, Bosse will finally make his long awaited debut against Thiago Santos, who has a loss-win-loss-win record thus far in the UFC. Both men are heavy handed and don’t have much desire to take fights to the mat so expect a stand up battle that will most likely end in someone knocking the other out.

Here is Robin Black’s analysis on Steve Bosse to get better acquainted with him.

Fighter: Joe Merritt

Division: Middleweight

Nationality: American

Age: 31

Record: 6-0

Team: Millennia MMA

Previous Organisation: RFA – Resurrection Fighting Alliance

Notable Victories: N/A

Joe Merritt is the latest fighter to come out of Millennia MMA into the Octagon following Darrell Montague, Willie Gates and fellow UFC Fight Night 70 competitor, Lorenz Larkin. As well as training with these guys, Merritt also trains with Bellator fighters Saad Awad and Georgi Karakhanyan which, along with an undefeated record, would lead you to believe that he comes into this fight with some hype about him.

Unfortunately Merritt’s record is not filled with any name fighters and he is going into a fight with the Brazilian ‘Cowboy’ Alex Oliveira who has looked very good in his 2 fights against tough competition. Of course anything is possible in this sport but I wouldn’t bet any money on Oliveira losing this fight.

Of Merritt’s 6 wins, all have been finished via strikes and 4 of them in the first round. What this tells us is that he can crack which I believe will be his only shot in this fight. He looks very much like a good athlete but I’m not sure how far that will take him. However, his last fight was for the highly regarded regional organisation RFA and he starched Steven Ciaccio late in the 3rd round which showed plenty of endurance on Merritt’s part. A lot of unknowns about Merritt but looking forward to his debut nonetheless.

Here’s a fight from 2013 against Roger Kelly.

Fighter: Lewis Gonzalez

Division: Lightweight

Nationality: American

Age: 27

Record: 10-1

Team: MMA Gold Fight Team

Previous Organisation: WSOF – World Series of Fighting

Notable Victories: Justin Buchholz, Antonio McKee and Justin Baseman.

Entering the Octagon with a 2-1 record from the highly regarded World Series of Fighting is quite an impressive way to make your debut and that’s what we’re getting here with Gonzalez. in his last 3 fights, ‘Lethal’ has 2 wins against UFC veterans Antonio McKee and Justin Buccholz whilst losing to the most recent challenger to the WSOF Lightweight title in Luis Palomino. Other than that loss, Gonzalez is undefeated and should enter this fight with a lot of confidence.

Gonzalez will be making his debut against Leandro Silva; the man who in his last fight believed that he had tapped Drew Dober when the referee clearly made the wrong decision by stopping the fight due to a choke that was never a choke. That result was overturned to a no contest and I’m sure Silva will want to look good in this fight to put the naysayers to rest. Unfortunately for him, I can see Gonzalez winning this fight. Gonzalez uses his wrestling background to good effect (former California state high school and community college champion) and mixes in a decent striking arsenal as well. He’ll have to be weary of Silva’s submission game but if he can wrestle from the top and stay active then I believe he will win.

Here is Gonzalez’s last fight with Justin Buccholz.

Fighter: Steve Montgomery

Division: Welterweight

Nationality: American

Age: 24

Record: 8-2

Team: American Top Team

Previous Organisation: TFC – Titan Fighting Championship

Notable Victories: Colton Smith and Brock Jardine

Steve Montgomery comes to the UFC with an 8-2 record and one of the best nicknames in the sport. ‘The Creepy Weasel’ is a 24 year old, 6 foot 4 inch, long, wiry fighter who uses his height to good effect. Fighting out of American Top Team, most fans will know him as the guy that had a seizure on the show whilst trying to cut weight for his upcoming fight. The seizure wasn’t as bad as it looked and now Montgomery gets a chance on the big stage ahead of the guys still currently on the show.

Montgomery will be making his debut against fellow debutante Tony Sims (see below) and will most likely look to utilise his quite drastic height and reach advantage. ‘The Creepy Weasel’ has shown a huge improvement in using his size to dictate the distance where he can strike from range and land without much retaliation. He has knockout wins against former UFC fighters Colton Smith and Brock Jardine and his only losses have been against current UFC fighter Dhiego Lima and regional circuit prospect Cody Wilson.

Here is Montgomery’s amazing knockout of Brock Jardine in his last fight.

Fighter: Tony Sims

Division: Welterweight

Nationality: American

Age: 29

Record: 11-2

Team: Elevation Fight Team

Previous Organisation: Fight to Win

Notable Victories: Thomas Denny

The man to fight Steve Montgomery is 29 year old Tony Sims who trains out of Elevation Fight Team in Denver, Colorado with the likes of Brandon Thatch, Cat Zingano and Neil Magny. Needless to say, cardio surely won’t be an issue for the man they call 2.0.

A former amateur boxer who fought at the junior Olympic and silver gloves level, Sims brings a stand up game that is effective both in the orthodox and southpaw stances as well as a background in high school wrestling. The obvious disadvantage he has in this fight is the height disparity between himself and Montgomery. However, this is only a disadvantage if he lets it be an issue. Using his boxing skills, Sims would ideally like to get inside Montgomery’s range and fight form the inside.

9 of Sims’ 11 wins have been finished due to strikes and 5 of those were in the first round. Sims’ hand speed is tough for his opponents to deal with and if he can get Montgomery’s attention early, then this fight could definitely go his way. This fight between Sims and Montgomery is very well matched as I believe both fighters can win. It’s just a matter of who can impose their game plan first and who can take advantage of any opening that they get.

Here is Sims’ fight against James Steele McCall.

Fighter: Sirwan Kakai

Division: Featherweight

Nationality: Swedish

Age: 25

Record: 11-2

Team: GBG MMA / American Top Team

Previous Organisation: TFC – Titan Fighting Championship

Notable Victories: N/A

The last fighter to make his debut this weekend is former TUF competitor Sirwan Kakai, who lost his first fight to Chris Beal which would have got him into the house on TUF 18. The Swedish native trains equally back home and with American Top Team when he is state side.

The former Featherweight competitor will be taking his debut fight in a Bantamweight bout against Danny Martinez, who himself is moving up in weight from Flyweight. He will have a slight height advantage but depending on how both fighters’ weight cuts have gone, Kakai may be a lot thicker than his opponent which is an area he could potentially exploit in the cage.

I expect to see Kakai trying to keep this fight on the feet as I believe that is his only chance to win. Martinez has shown in his past fights that he is always keen to stand and bang but that he has a decent wrestling game for if he ever gets hurt. Kakai doesn’t have much of a grappling background and if he can’t land big shots then I expect the fight to go the same as his fight with Chris Beal.

Here is Kakai’s last fight against Joe Barajas.



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Fight to Watch

Interview: Manny Bermudez, “The second this fight goes on the ground, it’s gonna be a pretty terrible story for this guy”



Manny Bermudez is accustom to many things when it comes to fighting, especially when it comes to pressure. “I’ve been doing this since I was young”, the undefeated bantamweight prospect claimed as he brushed off the question. His answer slid off the tongue as if he had been trained to do so, “Yeah, I get nervous. Yeah, it gets scary sometimes but, you either man up and face it, or you take a loss (and) you have to start over”. He certainly hadn’t. What he had trained is a calm and loose demeanor, a mindset that palpably asserts rationality. “It’s best to just take it on the chin”.

Currently, Manny Bermudez is the number one ranked professional bantamweight in the New England region (ranking by Something you would not expect from the polite and kind twenty-three year old. Despite whom he projects, there comes a time, every so often, when the quiet man morphs into a dominating force. It is something you may see if you travel down to South Shore Sportfighting, in Norwell, the place he began and continues his training.

A place in which he take great pride in beginning his MMA journey, “I’ve known Bill since I was like fourteen”. He praised his head coach Bill Mahoney, the head instructor of South Shore Sportfighting. “He’s seen me, just like, grow up. He’s seen what I’m good at, what I’m not good at”. He continued following an abrupt outburst elsewhere in the room, “One of the things he always talks about is, how you have to know your fighters to be a good coach… You see all these higher up schools like the Greg Jackson’s and all that, they got all these fighters but, they can’t really focus on these guys because they’re not homegrown. And so, South Shore has been an awesome place for me to be homegrown from because Bill really pays attention to me… he knows what I’m good at, what I need to work on. When he sees a weakness, he tells me straight up”.

Or, you may see his ferocity if you purchase tickets to this weekend’s Cage Titans 37 at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Mass. At CT 37, Bermudez takes on another highly touted prospect, Mike Hernandez for the promotions vacant bantamweight championship title. Talking to him, you may not think you are speaking with a fighter, undefeated in ten professional bouts. Not only undefeated but finishing eight of his ten opponents, seven by choke, one by KO/TKO. Lastly, don’t forget, all eight finishes came inside the opening round.

“The second I drop down to 135, I can feel the difference in the guy’s I’m fighting. I feel like a wet rag on these guys”. Fittingly, his fights have nearly all looked that way. In his most recent bout, Bermudez toyed with his opponent on the feet, landing a hard straight right which caught the attention of his opponent, Bendy Casimir. After a bit of measuring done by both fighters, Bermudez ate a head kick from his opponent, caught it, and followed him to the ground. From there, Bermudez immediately worked himself into mount and instituted his infamous Bermudez Triangle forcing a BJJ Black Belt to tap in the opening minutes. An aspect of his game he is extremely confident about.

“I think the second this fight goes on the ground, it’s gonna be a pretty terrible story for this guy”, the Abington-native claimed. Yet, the South Boston fighter respected the ability of his opponent, “He seems like a tough, scrappy dude”. He continued, “He’s a veteran with a good record, a successful record. He’s fought in Bellator, he’s fought UFC vets. I mean, I don’t think they come much tougher, locally”. Although he understands the challenges his opponent brings to light, he is confident, “I want this to be a statement that, it doesn’t matter what you’re throwing at me, I’m gonna to face it and keep going”.

The Cage Titans promotion couldn’t be much better of a place to fight for Bermudez. Without traffic, a drive from his home to the Cage Titans event venue is more or less, thirty minutes. When asked about the significance of earning a title with a local promotion such as Cage Titans, means to him, he had nothing but praise for the promotion who hosted seven of his ten pro fights. “Cage Titans, is one of the organizations that really represents the northeast. I’ve had a lot of shows, where I’ll go down there and I see my friends so close to me and just hearing that support from the people, from the crowds. At my last fight, we flew the guy in from Vegas, and I choked him in a minute or two”, he said. “You could hear everyone yelling, ‘UFC! UFC! UFC!’… I go on Facebook, and everyone’s yelling, ‘Get Manny to the UFC!’, so they all support me, they all have my back so to be fighting for this title and the possibility of somebody else holding it, from out of state, I’d say, it’s a little more personal… it’s a promotion I fought for so many times that I think it holds more personal meaning for me, than it would for somebody like him.”

A win for the local prospect certainly muddies the waters of his situation. The #1 bantamweight in New England has no interest in signing with a promotion other than the UFC. His only desire and goal, at the moment, is to sign with the aforementioned promotion. Considering the achievements Bermudez has already accomplished in his young career, a regional title greatly increases an already deserving resume.

***UPDATE 1/25/18*** Mike Hernandez was forced to withdraw yesterday from Saturdays main event at Cage Titans 37, due to a family emergency. Manny Bermudez will now face Seth Basler, in a non-title bout.

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Jake Collier Re-Signs with the UFC



UFC light heavyweight, Jake Collier (11-4, 3-3 UFC) , took to twitter yesterday, announcing a four fight contract renewal with the promotion.

The Missouri-born, Collier, amassed a 7-1 professional record fighting exclusively in his home state. Following his next fight, a 1st round submission victory over Gabriel Checco in the RFA promotion, Collier signed with the UFC.

Originally, Collier signed as a middleweight. His promotional debut took place in December of 2014 at, UFC Fight Night 58. A bout which he lost to Vitor Miranda via TKO (Head kick and punches) with only one second remaining in the opening round.

In 2017, “The Prototype”, moved to the light heavyweight division. The move came after a three-year stint at middleweight that saw him go 2-2. Losing to the likes of Dongi Yang, while defeating Ricardo Abreu. His final fight at the lower weight earned him a performance of the night bonus in his, UFC Fight Night 88, TKO win over Alberto Uda.

Upon moving to light heavyweight, Collier has the same .500 win percentage with a record of 1-1. His debut at the weight originally scheduled him against John Stansbury. Unfortunately, Collier withdrew from the card due to injury. Devin Clark replaced him on, The Ultimate Fighter Finale: 24, and defeated John Stansbury by unanimous decision. Clark then fought Collier next, defeating him by unanimous decision. “The Prototype”s most recent bout, a victory over Marcel Fortuna in November at, UFC Fight Night 120.

According to,, Collier is booked to fight UFC-newcomer, Marcin Prachnio at, UFC on Fox 28, in Orlando, Florida. The only bout booked to the February 24th card, of next year.

Prachnio, holds a record of 13-2, with 10 knockouts. He most recently fought for the Asian-based promotion, One Championship. The Karate practitioner comes to the UFC on an eight fight win streak, the previous four in One Championship. At twenty-nine, Prachnio is another, in his prime, European light heavyweight signed to the UFC this year (Volkan Oezdemir being the other).


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FURY FC 17 Preview: UFC Veteran Roger Narvaez Set to Fight For Gold



Deep in the Hill Country of Texas, there is a storm of MMA action brewing on the horizon in the historic city of San Antonio.

In 1836 the most iconic siege ever to take place in the American West was waged between Santa Anna’s Mexican forces and a small band of Texans fighting for their independence at the Battle of the Alamo. On June 10th that tradition of never backing down continues as Fury Fighting Championships 17 takes place at the Shrine Auditorium with a card that was originally slated to have 20 bouts of MMA action. At the top of the bill, there will be a familiar face as former UFC fighter, Roger “The Silverback” Narvaez, looks to capture his first championship in the sport when he faces Antonio “Doomsday” Jones for the vacant middleweight title. The event will also feature a hot prospect, a kickboxing champion, and a grudge match.

Fury FC 17 will be broadcast live on

While the 33-year-old Narvaez (8-2 MMA, 1-2 UFC) has already realized his ultimate goal of getting to the highest level of MMA, fighting for a title has always eluded him. The 6’3″ fighter nicknamed “The Silverback” due to his abnormal 79.5″ wingspan, or monkey arms as he calls them was twice scheduled to fight for the Legacy Fighting Championship Middleweight Title against then champion Bubba Bush who now fights in the UFC. An injury caused the first fight to be canceled. Then a call up to the UFC to fight an unknown opponent on short notice put an end to plans for the another scheduled title fight.

Theodorou vs. Narvaez at UFC 185 (photo: Matthew Wells – MMA Latest)


To Roger, the secret to grabbing the attention of the world’s biggest MMA promotion is fighting for several different promotions. He fought for six different organizations winning all of his fights before getting a call from the UFC’s former matchmaker Joe Silva to ask if he was ready to make the move. Narvaez feels that fighting for multiple shows tells the UFC that a fighter is ready to fight whoever and whenever. His first fight for the promotion was a loss to Patrick Cummins at UFC Fight Night 42 in Albuquerque where he fought at an altitude of over 5300 feet sea level, something he says will not do again unless he is training at altitude. To put it bluntly, he plainly states “the altitude in Albuquerque sucks.” After a win against Luke Barnett, he faced Elias Theodorou. In that fight, he broke his arm before ultimately losing, and was then cut by the UFC.

At this point in Narvaez’s career, his goals now are different:

“The next goal for me, to be realistic, is to make as much money as I can. I love fighting, but at the same time, I have a family that I am trying to support. That is always first and foremost now…[and] Fury is doing a pretty good job of taking care of me…This is a really big deal for me. I am probably training harder for this fight than I have ever trained before. Part of that is with age comes knowledge and experience and I am doing everything I need to do the right way to get ready to come home with that strap, but that strap means ever thing…I didn’t quit fighting with a broken arm, it is going to take something pretty drastic to get me stop. I don’t think the guy I am fighting is going to be able to break my will or test my heart to where I am not going to be able to pull through…coming home with that title is a big deal.”

That home is one of a fighting family. Narvaez’s wife Brandi is also a fighter who recently made her professional debut at Legacy Fighting Alliance 7. His stepson is a gray belt who competes in Jui-Jitsu year round, his daughter also trains in the sport. They understand the hard work that their dad puts in more so than the average fighter’s family. As he puts “it’s not normal, but it is normal to us.”

The prospect to keep an eye on is Two-time Alabama state wrestling champion turned lightweight MMA fighter, Alec Williams (5-1 MMA) from Birmingham. Williams will be looking to rebound from his first professional loss as he takes on Travonne “Prince Scorpion” Hobbs. In his last fight, Alec relied on his wrestling and got it in his head that he did not want to stand and trade with his opponent. That mentality ultimately not only cost him his undefeated record but also to sustain four broken bones in the right side of his face.

“I didn’t get knocked out, I still got the takedown after I broke those four bones. I know it is going to be pretty difficult to knock me out…Honestly, the loss kind of took any pressure off. Before I was undefeated, that loss was going to be a big change and now a loss is just another loss.”

For this fight, Williams says he has been working with MMA legend and former UFC fighter Pete Spratt on his stand up and will not make the same mistake twice.

Also featured on the card is the first Brazilan World Cup Kickboxing Champion, welterweight Washington “Washingthai” Luiz. Originally slated to fight Nickolay Veretennikov, “Washingthai” Luiz will now take on lesser known Danny Ageday. With a new opponent on just four days notice, the man who has aspirations to become a champion in GLORY Kickboxing is not fazed.

“I did my whole camp studying my first opponent who is a striker like me, but I do not feel harmed by the change. I’m ready for this war…The main reason for my change to the USA is the opportunity to be in the biggest events in the world I have already fought the biggest events in Brazil in kickboxing and MMA. I have fought in big events in Europe and now my challenge is the biggest event of kickboxing, GLORY. But I also love MMA and when a fight appears for me, I do not refuse.”

The grudge match at Fury FC 17 comes to us from the flyweights division’s Mark “The Sparrow” Plata and David “Gallito” Miramontes. These two men were scheduled to fight previously but Plata had to pull out due to his wife giving birth to twins. According to Plata, that is where the beef began.

“The day my twins were born he was messaging me talking about how this was not a good reason not fight and that I just did not want to fight him. My kids were in ICU at the time and he just keeps messaging me over and over…it upset me at the time because they were dying, they were trying to survive, but it just added more fuel to the fire. Then he kept asking promoters to fight me. He asked two or three different promoters to set it up. I got tired of him asking for me. So then I was like, alright cool if you want it that bad, let’s do it…His fighting style matches his personality. He tries to be a bully, and that’s cool, I don’t mind shutting bullies down.”

Titles, champions, prospects, legitimate bad blood…what more you could ask for in a local card?

This is an event not to miss and thanks to Fury FC having a deal with FloSports, you do not have to.

Tune in for all the action live at 6:00 PM CST on this Saturday.

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